Two Months With Otis

I am a bit behind writing Otis’s two month update because let’s be real – life is insanely busy. I know we can often succumb to “I’m busy” being our motto, but well and truly, this is one of the busier of busy times in my life. Raising two littles, planning a move across the globe and finishing a massive season for both Robbie and me makes for long and full days. Alas, Otis has been two months for a week already, and before I know it, I’ll be writing his three month update. I am determined to at least get these updates written for him, but I am hoping for more.

Ok here we go…

Highlights & Milestones

When I wrote Otis’s one month post, he was just starting to give social smiles. Well the smiles are abundant now and incredibly cute. My heart explodes every time. He has this great smile that overcomes his whole little body sometimes, and then other times, he smiles with his sweet, little eyes. He will occasionally do a one eyebrow raise that worries me that he’s already trying to flirt. It’s pretty cute, though.

We had his 6-week checkup this past month, and that went really well. He weighed in at a whopping 10lbs 11ou (4.85kg). It’s actually pretty average (48th percentile), but compared to Eleanor, who only weighed 9lbs at her 6-week checkup, this is huge. He did really well at the appointment and actually did better than Eleanor ever did with his first set of shots. He only cried for a few seconds and then settled.

Another highlight this past month was that we finally got his birth certificate in the mail and went to Sydney to get his Report A Birth Abroad at the US Consulate. He slept through the whole thing, but we were excited. The day before, I sent off for his Australian passport as well. Of the four passports we’ve had to get in the last month (including Robbie and my Aussie passports), we finally received the last one yesterday, which was Otis’s Aussie one. We will be traveling back to the States with eight passports between the four of us.

He has found his hands this last month, and he’s started to suck on them just like Eleanor did. Robbie always said it looked like Eleanor was eating an ice cream cone, and the day Otis started doing this, I immediately remembered that comment. It’s good because it helps him to last a little longer laying on the play mat or in his bassinet. Overall he’s slowly but surely gaining tiny bits of independence, which helps me to get a little more done throughout the day. He is still a massive cuddler, though, and I’m often holding him throughout the day.

We haven’t gotten anywhere with sleep training yet. We did sleep training with Eleanor, but I’d say we didn’t really do it until she was about six or seven months old. There were many reasons for that. While I definitely don’t plan to wait that long with Otis, I sort of feel it’s a bit much for this season. Everything is about to change, and we are going into a new time zone, as well as into “holiday mode” for Christmas. I think once we settle in Indianapolis, we can start working on it a bit more. I am looking forward to us all getting a little more sleep, though!!

Another sort of milestone is that he has mostly outgrown all of his newborn clothes. The only newborn items that even remotely fit him anymore are pants. What can I say? My kids have short legs! He outgrew newborn diapers, though and definitely newborn shirts and onesies.


  • People – he will smile for just about anyone and sleep like a rock if he’s being held. He does not, however, like to be alone!
  • Eating – this kid loves his milk!
  • Movement – always moving his arms and legs and appreciates when he’s being moved – in the car, in the pram, in your arms.
  • Fans – just like his big sister, fans bring much entertainment.
  • Baths – he actually really enjoys baths, even since we’ve transitioned out of the sink into the big tub. He loves the warm water.
  • Black & White Paintings – we have two paintings/pictures in our living room of different Paris scenes, and they’re black and white. We will often find him smiling at these if we are sitting on the couch near them.
  • Eleanor – he loves his big sister!!!


  • Waiting – he does not like if he has to wait for food, even if it’s just to get a diaper change or to find a suitable place to feed him. Not so good with the patience thing yet :)
  • Car Rides – our children are not the kind of children that you put in the car to get them to sleep. He’s just like Eleanor and is generally not a fan of the car, especially when we hit red lights.
  • Being Alone – he doesn’t have much endurance for being put down by himself under the play mat or on a blanket, but I have noticed that he’s building up an endurance. Slowly but surely he’s getting a little more ok with it.

How Am I Doing?

I really wasn’t sure how to answer this question at first. I thought maybe I should keep it just about how I am doing in regards to being Otis’s mom, but I can’t truthfully answer a question like this without including everything. Let’s be real: life is FULL ON right now. I have a 2.5 year old and a two month old, I’m wrapping up one of the biggest and most significant seasons of my life, saying goodbye to people I love so deeply, moving across the globe and starting anew with my little tribe in a place thats familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time. You could name most emotions right now, and I’ve probably felt it recently. I actually don’t even know how I’m feeling half the time because life is just too busy to stop and think about it. I want to write a bit more about our transition in the coming months because I think there needs to be more written about something we all do at different points in our lives – transition. This is what I’ll say, though – life is incredibly bittersweet right now. As excited as I am for the future and confident in the vision and direction God is leading us in, I am so sad to say bye to my friends and community, as well as this beautiful nation that has adopted us in. It’s breaking my heart to see Eleanor’s little heart and mind trying to comprehend everything when we sell something or pack something away, but then I think about the beautiful gift of grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins that she is getting. There are things about life here and in this situation that are far easier than in the States and also things that are super hard here that will be easier there; such is life. Conflicting emotions. At the end of the day, we rely on that vision and trust from God, though, and the excitement quickly follows.

Other than that, I am physically tired, but that’s to be expected given the season! I am loving having two kids, even if it is twice as hard at times. Everyday that goes by with Otis, we get to know him a little more, and we are smitten. It’s such a privilege to be a parent, and what people often say, I’ve found to be true – it’s the hardest but absolute best thing I’ve ever done!

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