On Buying Coffees

When Eleanor was born, something happened to us. Aside from the obvious “we became parents”, we also quickly became sleep deprived, and as our sleep decreased, our coffee intake increased. Not just any coffee, though. We started buying coffees from cafes an absurd amount of times. We were looking for the quickest and easiest solution (but still very tasty). We sort of mentally succumbed to “survival mode”, and apparently lattes were a part of that for us.

We have had moments or seasons where we do better at this than others in the two years since becoming parents, but unfortunately this has become our default in busy times or when returning from holidays. We have had an assortment of coffee brewing methods at home over the years as well from a used espresso machine we found on Gumtree when we first got married to a french press and a pod machine, and more recently, to an Aeropress. We use the french press and Aeropress at home now, but we still find ourselves getting more coffees out than we should (or need).


We have this incredible cafe at our YWAM base, and it’s so easy to buy a small, extra hot latte each day during morning tea, especially when you partner up and get 2 for $4! I bring Eleanor over to play with her little friends, catch up with other staff and grab a coffee. It’s almost become a habit. There’s also the ridiculously convenient coffee shop that is probably only 150m away from our house and has amazing hours – such as Sunday mornings! Not only is this coffee shop convenient, the owner and staff are awesome. They know all of our names, including Eleanor. They know our order. It’s fun to go to this cafe because of the hospitality.

I have no problem with buying the occasional coffee out. In fact, I love the culture here in Australia of going out for coffee, particularly because of the sheer goodness and care Aussies have with coffee making. However, I feel like I need to rewire my brain to not think I need it. To not default to it. This is probably a true statement for a lot of this generation. It’s interesting to consider what drives these decisions more – the taste, the company/friendship or the ease of someone else making it for you. It’s definitely not a financial decision…well at least not a frugal one!

All that to say, it’s a new month – Happy August! Robbie and I have talked about this a bit recently, and we have set some boundaries as far as how often we will buy coffees out and how much we will budget for this area. We also recently purchased Keepcups, which will not only reduce our charge at some cafes by up to $1, but more importantly it’s helping us to do our part in the War on Waste in one small way. Have you guys watched that? Really inspiring and challenging!

I am aware that in a month and a half or so, we will transform back into those sleep deprived new parents, but I am hoping to gain some momentum with our habits this month so we don’t break the bank. Also, since you don’t really have a baby registry with second children, I will tell you that this is what is on ours – lattes. Feel free to bring those over, and we will let you cuddle a newborn in a couple months.

What is something that you find you often have to “reset” in your life every so often? Habits you fall into or decisions you make without even realising it sometimes?

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The Littles’ Room

Nesting kicked in in full-force last week, and I found myself purging, reorganising and cleaning everything. Maybe it’s the third trimester or finally starting to feel a bit better after all our colds, but either way, it’s happening. I realised a couple months ago that I never actually did a follow-up post about Eleanor’s room once she moved out of her little corner of our shared room. As I’ve been working in there over the last week, I decided to take a few photos of where it’s up to so far. I’ve tried to be very intentional about what toys she has and clothes and really feeling the whole “less is more” principle. I’ve been seeing so much about minimalistic living lately, and it’s inspiring on so many levels. I’ve listed some great articles below if you want to have a look. We plan to have the new baby in our room for sleeping in the beginning, but eventually, I would like for him and Eleanor to share a room. I am already putting his stuff in their room aside from sleep stuff. I think Eleanor is pretty excited about it all, too! There are a few things I’m still shuffling around to make work, but it’s getting there and all becoming more and more real. I’m going to have 2 kids soon!

Here are some photos of our littles’ room right now.

^Both of the white cubes used to be full of Eleanor’s toys, but I’ve narrowed things down to one of them and created a little “toy corner” in her room. She was so excited about this, and when I asked her what she thought of her room this way, she said “AWESOME!”

^This shelf used to have Eleanor’s toys, and it was great being all open for that purpose. However, now that there are a bunch of clothes on the shelves, I’d like to either get baskets or the inserts that fit into the cube so it’s not quite as messy looking (and so a certain big sister doesn’t think they’re clothes for her dolly!).

^This is probably Eleanor’s favourite toy at the moment. She is often making cookies, baking things and more. She has such an imagination!

^Baby’s clothes! They’re so tiny. You totally forget how small newborns are, and it makes me so excited for all the cuddles. I also got really excited when we were in the States shopping because I realised that I can actually pick a specific outfit to bring him home in because I know it’s a boy this time. With Eleanor we didn’t really buy many clothes prior to her birth because we didn’t know the gender. I can’t wait to dress up this little man!

Here are some articles about minimalism that have inspired me recently!

How Getting Rid of “Stuff” Saved My Motherhood

7 Reasons Moms Need Minimalism

The 6 Reasons Your Kids Need Fewer Toys

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Eleanor-isms // July 2017

I am totally stealing this idea from one of my favourite blogs – Love Taza – but now that Eleanor is talking so much, I really want to remember some of the funny things she is saying and doing.

Eleanor-isms: the funny sayings and doings of Eleanor Hazel, 2-years-old.

A couple weeks ago, we were coming home from church, and this preggo lady was so hungry. I said, “Mommmmmy is hunnnnngry” in a sing-song sort of way, and without missing a beat, Eleanor follows along and sings “Lella hunnnnng-y tooooooooo.”

Since returning from holidays, Eleanor’s endurance/capacity to entertain herself has exploded, and she’s also loving her toys that she had missed for a month. One of her current favs is her play kitchen and picnic basket. Often, she will bring us a cup and saucer or a plate and say “One you. One me!” Hers is always “really hawwwt” and she will warn us to “touch it, k?” while she motions over the cup. She also does this with the oven cabinet of her kitchen, motioning “really hawwwt k? Touch it k?”

Another one of her favourites is her stuffed animals and pillows in the corner of her room. She is often rocking them to sleep and singing “Sunshine away you, sunshine away you,” which is her version of “You are My Sunshine”, the song I sing to her before naps. She also seems to think that anything can take a nap, and we are often finding all sorts of random objects “asleep” on the pillows in her room. Some examples of those random objects include remotes, the baby monitor, her play phone, and even her last bite of toast…

Eleanor is having “pic – its” all day long these days. We call them picnics, but she’s pretty convinced they’re called “pic -its”. She wants you to have a “pic – it” with her often, and she will get it all set up and occasionally even let you eat the food.

Leading up to her birthday, Eleanor often told us it was her birthday soon. “Everybody sing me!” she would tell us, and then she would start singing “Happy Birthday Lellllllla” to herself.

We also have told her that “Gaga and Papaw” (my parents) will come on an airplane when the baby boy comes out. She has since told everyone that “Baby boy growing. Baby boy come out. Hold him arm. Zoom on the airplane and Gaga and Papaw come see me!” I think she’s maybe convinced that the baby is coming on an airplane. If only it were that easy right?

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