22 Months with Eleanor

As you can see, I am a bit late in writing this post about Eleanor, as I meant to do it at 21 months. Things got pretty busy, though, and to be honest, the thing that was holding me up was taking photos of her for this post. I wanted to take specific photos just for this, but I was doing so many other photo shoots and prep for them that I didn’t get around to it. Eleanor was an excellent little model for me, though, when I was preparing to take photos of the af Petersens’ family, so I got some photos for this blog. I am also planning to publish some blogs that I’ve been meaning to write lately in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned!

Highlights & Milestones

I last wrote when Eleanor was 18 months just after the New Year. Her development has exploded since then, particularly in the area of speech/vocabulary. I went to her 18-month check-up, and they told me she should be saying about 10 words or so at this point. I sort of laughed because it seemed like Eleanor was already saying twice that many people’s names, let alone words. She’s a talker for sure, and particularly in the last 6-8 weeks, her vocabulary is amazing us. She not only knows heaps of words, but she is putting them together now into 2-4 word sentences. She is starting to repeat new words more clearly, and she randomly showed us that she can count to 10 a few weeks back (although she has an aversion to the number “7” for some reason).

A couple times in the last several months, Eleanor’s sleep has gone from pretty good to amazing, and we relished in those fleeting days of 7am wake-ups and 1.5+ hr naps. She seemed to time her progression into this extremely well, though (hint my sarcasm here), as both times she has done this have been in the couple weeks leading up to a big change – aka Daylight Savings Time and traveling internationally. Overall, though, our once fickle sleeper and relying on bad habits to sleep baby is a pretty great sleeper, and for that I am really grateful. She goes to sleep without a fuss for most naps and nights, and even on our current trip to the states, her routine has transitioned pretty well (aside from a few middle of the night wake-up-and-plays).

Eleanor’s canine teeth have mostly come through – just waiting on the final one. I will be so glad for the day when she is done teething. (Just in time for our new baby to start getting teeth probably…sigh) She has that last canine and then her 2-year-old molars to go. For Eleanor, she has tended to get all of the same type of teeth at the same time. She doesn’t spread them out. Go big or go home right?

She is still a very active and energetic toddler. She is often on the move, loves to go outside and run around, and has to have her fill of people each and everyday. With her increased vocabulary, it has become a little easier to know what she’s wanting. She still has your standard meltdowns and tantrums, and funny enough, they mostly seem to be about food. She is such a good kid, though, and she has such a sweet heart.

One of my favourite things she did these past few months was learn to pray. When I had my 3+ week sinus infection/migraines happening, Robbie taught her how to pray for my head. She put her hand on my cheek and said “Je-us better”. She has since learned to put her hands together and close her eyes, and she really concentrates. She has such empathy for others, and it’s been a beautiful part of her little soul to discover.

A major milestone for Eleanor in the past few months has been starting daycare one day a week. I put her name on a waiting list at some point last October/November, not really anticipating she would get a spot anytime soon. We got a call in January, though, and she started in February. I was so nervous about it at first because she can get quite clingy with me, and we hadn’t had much success with leaving her with many others or at church creche at that point. I slowly transitioned her into a full day over several weeks, and she seriously loves it now so much. She loves her teachers. She loves playing outside. She loves the art projects. She even takes naps pretty well now. I feel confident in taking her there one day a week, and it’s been so timely with this second pregnancy and being able to not just rest but to accomplish a bit more that can be challenging with a toddler running around. My heart practically jumps out of my chest each week when I pick her up, and she squeals “MOMMY!!!” with a big, goofy grin. We have noticed how much it has affected her trust in being left with others now as well. You can see she understands when I leave her with a friend for an hour or so and tell her I’ll be back soon. You can see it “click” in her little mind, and she is totally fine. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, Robbie and I were able to leave her for the first time in the church creche while we both sat and listened to the sermon. It was awesome.

We also turned her carseat around a couple weeks ago as she finally reached the shoulder marker. She absolutely loves facing forward, and we all call it her “big girl seat” now.


  • Daniel Tiger – current tv love, and we are pretty ok with it
  • Friends – she cannot get enough of her little friends, and she gets so happy to see them
  • Fruit – she loves bananas, watermelon, and melon in particular
  • Cereal
  • “Ring-around-the-rosy” and other little interactive songs
  • Jumping
  • The moon and stars – every night she is looking for them
  • Her Lucy doll
  • “Cooking” in her kitchen – she’s always making cookies
  • Painting, colouring and playdough
  • Helping me in the kitchen – she’ll come in and say “CHAIR! CHAIR!” so she can see what we are doing


  • Veggies of course
  • Moving cars – I am ok with this btw
  • Being chased or “approached” by anyone she isn’t super familiar with

How Am I Doing?

I am doing pretty well now that I have finally hit the “sweet spot” in pregnancy – past the yuck of the first trimester (+extended sinus infection sickness) but not quite to the huge, whale stage. I am really enjoying Eleanor right now. I have always enjoyed her, but I feel like lately, I am noticing moments more and just staring at her and wanting to kiss her a hundred times. I love her cuddles and her empathy and her little voice and so much more. It’s seriously such an incredible gift to be a mum. I know I haven’t felt that in every moment of everyday, but I feel like I am “noticing” or “remember” that more lately. Maybe it’s the second baby coming. It’s a weird thing to think about adding another to our family. We are thrilled, and we cannot wait to meet our little man. I am so aware that my days with just Eleanor and I are fleeting, though, and there is definitely something bittersweet about that.

We are currently in the States for a holiday, and it’s been so good already to see Eleanor interact with family at this age. I am enjoying being here in warm weather again as well. Other than that, I have been doing a lot more photography – shoots, as well as learning and developing – and I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed photography more at any other point in the journey. It’s such a different feel this time around, and I am loving it and learning new things all the time. It’s also been such a great outlet for me during the week, and I hope to continue growing in it.

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May 17th, 2017|Family, Motherhood|

Recap of the First Trimester

When I was pregnant with Eleanor, I did weekly recaps starting at about 15 weeks along. You can see all of those on my Pregnancy page here. I debated at the time whether or not to do it because it seemed to be done a lot. I wasn’t sure who actually wanted to read something like that. Now looking back, I am grateful that I did those posts, as well as all the posts throughout Eleanor’s first year. The tricky thing is maintaining anything of the sort with subsequent pregnancies, which has already not happened. I don’t want this new little Bean to not have any recaps or things written about him or her. Realistically, though, I don’t think I can commit to weekly recaps (or that I even want to), so to find a good balance, I am aiming for monthly. I was surprised the first time around at who read those posts and even wrote me thanking me for writing them. When I was first pregnant with Eleanor, I was very adamant that I didn’t want this to become a “Mommy Blog”. However, if I look back over the last few years, those are some of my most read posts for sure. Plus, it’s who I am and the season I am in, and if I know one thing about blogs, it’s that authenticity and writing from where you’re at goes farther than just about anything.

All that being said, I thought I’d do a broad recap of the first trimester, and then I’ll start getting into specific months with specific questions.

If you missed this update where I answered some common questions that I’ve been asked about the new baby, check it out here.

Recap of the First Trimester

In January, I started the year with great anticipation of everything to come. I had hopes and dreams for the year, some of which I wrote here. The year took off to a very rocky start with a horrible flu bug, and that sort of challenged me as I got started with my not so “clean and fresh” New Year I had been hoping for.

Fast forward a few weeks – Robbie and I found out we were expecting this new little baby. It seemed pretty surreal to be honest. It took me awhile after having Eleanor to even be open to the idea of another baby so it seemed crazy that another was actually forming in my womb at that moment. The miracle of life and birth is so crazy!

It didn’t take long for pregnancy symptoms to kick in. The first symptom I actually felt before I had taken a test, which is part of why I suspected that I could be pregnant. That symptom was exhaustion. I remember one weekend being totally wiped out, and this wasn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill “parenting is tiring” sort of thing. This was falling asleep in the middle of the day while Eleanor was running around playing, which never happens. I knew I felt different, but I was trying to be careful not to get too far ahead in my thinking until we knew.

About a week or so after we found out, I started getting bouts of nausea like I did with Eleanor. I am very fortunate that my nausea hasn’t resulted in vomiting with either of my pregnancies. This time around, though, the nausea seemed to be a bit more unrelenting and long-lasting. It started just in the evenings after I would put Eleanor to bed, so I would lay down and go to sleep early. I was grateful that it wasn’t hitting me in the day when I needed to be with Eleanor. That didn’t last long, though, and after another week, I started having all-day nausea. Sometimes I’d feel like I was going to vomit or pass out, and I had to lay down. It was so much harder this time around knowing that Eleanor didn’t understand and needed/relied on me throughout the day. We also had a very, very hot summer, which nausea and heat are not friends at all. All that resulted in lots of movies and indoor time for those first couple months.

My doctor gave me a prescription for an anti-nausea medication. Honestly, I felt silly using it at first, rationalising in my head that my nausea wasn’t that bad and others have it so much worse. Then I realised that it was kind of dumb to think that way, and every pregnancy and woman has their own unique experience; I can’t compare my situation to others’ situations. More importantly, I didn’t need to feel sick for no reason. Unfortunately, when I finally did take the medicine, I didn’t find it all that helpful. From weeks 6-10 I had nearly all-day, everyday nausea. It started to ease a bit after week 10, and I would get bouts of it for an hour or so at a time. I started to feel a lot better with a lot more energy around 12/13 weeks, which was just in time for the worst sinus infection ever.

I don’t think I had many other symptoms in the first trimester that were too out of the ordinary. Lots of bathroom breaks of course. Some food aversions – why is it always coffee? I didn’t have any cravings really other than my trusty Sprite when I felt nauseous.

I went to the doctor for the first time around 6 or 7 weeks, and I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. That really helped it feel real to see the baby and the beating heart on the screen. The 8-week ultrasound gave us our due date of September 27th. I had another ultrasound around 13/14 weeks, and that was exciting because we took Eleanor with us. I am not totally sure what she thought, but she did say “BABY!” when we showed her. Everything looked good and healthy that time around, too.

I’ve thought way less about the fact that I am pregnant this time around than the first time, but I think that’s pretty standard. When I found out I was pregnant, I took a “before” photo with the idea of taking the same photo with the same clothes each week. Yeah, that hasn’t happened. I only have the few photos you see below of my bump in the first trimester (5 Weeks and 13.5 Weeks). The bump seemed to appear to me quicker this time, but it took longer for others to notice. That was different than last time when I think people thought I was having twins or showing really early. I am fairly certain it has to do with the fact that I worked out in between pregnancies, which I didn’t do at all before or during Eleanor. The bump is very much on display now, though, and you can see that in the coming monthly recap post I will do.

We told family pretty early on. My friend Jess gave me this shirt that her daughter had worn, and I thought “Oh great! That will come in handy someday.” I didn’t realise it would be that week that we could put it on Eleanor. She was pretty excited to spread the news to family through FaceTime and messages online. I found myself way less concerned about keeping our news to ourselves this time around, and most of our close friends knew pretty early on as well. I needed my other mum friends here to know so they weren’t too worried when I didn’t hang out as much or felt sick.

Finally, after starting the year with such high hopes, I had to really give myself permission to take it easy and lower some of my expectations for these first few months. I had just switched gyms, but I had to give myself some grace at not going several times a week as I had been. I also didn’t wear my FitBit for a couple months because I just felt too bad about the lack of steps each day. I didn’t blog, and I honestly just took each day at a time. It was pretty rough – much harder than the first time around – and having that sinus infection at the end of the first trimester and start of the second trimester was super discouraging. After I got well from that, though, I felt such hope for the rest of the pregnancy and this year. I feel so much more energy as each week goes by. I am continuing to take it all day-by-day as much as I can and rest when I need to, but it is definitely refreshing to feel “up for things” again.

Stay tuned for more monthly updates as the pregnancy progresses, and thanks again for reading!

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April 26th, 2017|Family, Pregnancy|

All Things Baby Bean #2

On Thursday, 16 January, I took Eleanor to a kids’ camp. Well I attempted to anyway. She wasn’t keen to go without me at all, but I still tried to enjoy the coffee and morning tea with some good friends. She fell asleep on the car ride home, so I parked in the warehouse car park and sat, reading, until she woke up. When she woke up, we went inside for lunch, and Robbie joined us not long after that. I remember thinking all day, “I wonder if I am pregnant?” and “Is it too soon to take a test?” Followed by, “It’s too soon. Just wait and relax. You’ll know soon enough.”

I eventually said this to Robbie, and he was pretty relaxed and said, “Doesn’t that test say it’s pretty accurate at this point? Just take a test!” Thanks husband. We both were ready for baby number two, but neither of us thought that I would be pregnant this month. I hadn’t fallen pregnant in December, which was our first “official” month of trying for another baby, AND our lovely window of time for this month was mostly filled with an awful, awful stomach virus that not only Robbie and I got but others around base. You can’t know your perfect window unless you take a test, though. Is this TMI? Haha who knows. I figure if I can share all the details of my labour and you’re still reading, then this is probably safe territory right?

All that to say, I took a test over lunch, and as we all know, those lovely two pink lines showed up loud and clear announcing another little one on the way. It didn’t really seem real, and honestly, it hadn’t for a lot of the first trimester until I first saw this little one in an ultrasound. I think when you already have a little one, you aren’t as consumed by what is happening and what’s to come.

That’s the story of finding out, and below are some answers to other commonly asked questions like I did the first time around. I don’t plan to update weekly like I did the first time because I think that may be a bit much. However, at this point, I am aiming for monthly. It’ll be interesting to see the differences along the way. I already feel like I am carrying this baby so differently, but I think that may be in part to having exercised for a year or more prior to getting pregnant, which I did NOT do before getting pregnant with Eleanor (or while pregnant with her).

Were you trying to have a baby?

We had talked a lot about when we felt the right time to try for another baby would be. When I first had Eleanor, I was slightly concerned that I would never be ready, but that first year passed by and my heart slowly started shifting. We felt that trying around the 18-month mark would allow for a good age difference, so that’s pretty much what we did. We are so grateful that we were able to conceive relatively quickly.

How did you find out you were pregnant?

See above :)

So how far along are you, and when are you actually due?

I am 17 weeks, and I am due towards the end of September. (27th)

What season will it be then in Newcastle?

It will be Spring!

Do you have a preference if it’s a boy or girl? Are you finding out the baby’s gender?

I don’t have a preference to be honest. I am not someone who is desperate to have one of each, but I would totally be thrilled to have a boy. That being said, I can’t imagine it being a boy, but I think it’s because I am so used to having a girl. It would be nice to recycle all of Eleanor’s cute clothes, but it would also be fun to dress up a little man. So who knows? If I were to make a guess right now, I would say it’s another girl, but we will find out soon enough. And YES, we will find out this time. We want to try it both ways and see what we like. We will find out in about about two weeks.

How will you set up a nursery or buy anything for the baby? It’ll all be yellow!

This question was one from last time and mostly regarding us not finding out what we were having. This time around, though, baby will fit right into what we have setup for Eleanor, which I realise now I never posted anything about her room after we finished it. I only posted about her corner of our room, which she was in for the first 13 months. We’ll have the baby in our room to start with, though, and once he/she learns to sleep a little better, we will put them together.

How are you feeling? Did you have bad morning sickness?

I think in general, the first trimester exhaustion was the hardest thing for me. I can’t remember ever being so tired, and with an energetic toddler running around, I wasn’t finding a lot of time to rest. I have such great friends around me, though, and I am so grateful for all the help. Robbie started getting up with Eleanor each morning, too, which made a massive difference in my energy levels through the day. I did have nausea like last time, and sometimes it was bad enough to need to lay down. I didn’t throw up, though, which is the same as last time. In a lot of ways, it felt similar to last time, but our circumstances were so different through the first trimester so it felt harder this time. (The first trimester with Eleanor we were on holidays for a good chunk of it with family, I didn’t have a toddler, and I rested quite a lot). I finished feeling nauseous on a daily basis around week 12-13, just in time to get a 3 week sinus infection, which I wrote about last week. That was rough and probably the worst I’ve felt in a long time. Last week, I started to feel a bit more normal again, though. I am still having headaches each day, but they are nothing compared to the 10 days of daily migraines. They are super manageable. I am also starting to smell things again, which I take as a good sign of my sinuses finally recovering. I am definitely fighting the exhaustion, but I am not holding my breath for that one to subside this time. I am so keen to get back into my regular workouts, which have been pretty inconsistent since finding out, and I am hopeful that doing so will give me a bit more energy.

I am not sure if you have anymore questions, but let me know along the way. I’ll try to answer them in monthly recaps. Hopefully I’ll have another update with a recap of the first trimester and the 4th month soon! Thanks again for reading!

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April 19th, 2017|Family, Pregnancy|

Baking Cookies with Eleanor

One of the coolest parts of being a mum is discovering your child’s unique personality. You see glimpses of it early on, but I think it was around 8 months or so that it seemed as if I noticed something new every, single day. Her development sky-rocketed around this time.

As she’s grown and we’ve gotten to discover new parts of who she is, we have noticed that Eleanor is an includer through and through. Have you heard of Strength Finders? It’s probably one of the better and more comprehensive personality tests out there. Go here and take it for $15 if not – it’s worth it. There are millions of possibilities as opposed to 4 or even 16 like some other tests. It’s very specific and unique. Allllll that to say, there is one strength called “includer”, and Robbie and I are pretty confident that if there were a toddler version of the test, Eleanor would have includer as one of her top 5 strengths.

When she goes and sits on the steps at the warehouse, she will quickly pat the spot next to her and invite you to come sit with her. When she has something to eat, she will often give you a bite or a piece. She loves people, and she loves having others be a part of things with her. She also loves when she gets to be a part of everything.

When I was a kid, I remember baking with my Dad often. I don’t remember what age I started, though, and that has been something I have wondered as Eleanor has gotten a bit bigger. I decided to let her help me make muffins a couple months ago, and you would have thought I gave her all the muffins…and cookies…and dollies…and toys. She hit the jackpot and was stoked on life the rest of the day. It filled up her cup.

I was looking forward to more opportunities, and this week, I grabbed some chocolate at the store to add to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe so Eleanor and I could bake together again. She was so thrilled to help, and she’s getting better each time at dumping things into the bowl and mixing them in. Here are some photos I snapped from our little adventure together.

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April 17th, 2017|Family, Motherhood|

18 Months With Eleanor

It’s strange to think about the fact that Eleanor is 18 months. A year and a half. I feel like I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t around, but at the same time, it feels like time has gone entirely too fast. She turned 18 months at the beginning of this month, and she has her 18 month checkup this afternoon. I have a full-blown little lady on my hands these days, and I am loving it.

Highlights & Milestones

The past few months have been full of activities and a lot of growth for Eleanor. Physically, she’s now in the 10th percentile after a follow-up appointment regarding her size, and I was so thrilled to hear, “Just keep doing whatever you’re doing. She’s doing great!” We don’t have anymore appointments for that, and it’s a relief knowing that our girl is really thriving. Sometimes it can feel like I am falling short in the food department with her because she won’t eat veggies. I am learning to not be so hard on myself, though, and I am realising that I think the anti-veggie thing is decently common. I am going to keep trying, though, and we will keep singing “You gotta try new foods cuz they might taste good!” (Any Daniel Tiger fans out there?!)

Eleanor fully dropped to one nap a day at some point over the past few months. I have had to come to terms with the fact that my go-getter, energetic girl is simply not a long nap kind of kid. She will sleep for about an hour to an hour and ten minutes most days, but it can go 20 minutes either way depending on various factors. Fortunately she is still sleeping great at night, going to bed around 7 and mostly waking up around 6. She did play around with the 5:30/5:45 wakeup time here and there, but we’ve tried to nip that in the bud pretty quickly.

Eleanor got all four of her first set of molars in the past 6 weeks. That was fun. (Please sense the MASSIVE sarcasm here). Molars are a whole new ball-game. They aren’t a week or so of challenge. They are weeks, if not months of challenge, and it was pretty rough. They’re all through now, though, but I am thinking those canine teeth aren’t too far behind.

She is incredibly active all the time. She rarely sits still unless it’s right after she wakes up, but even then, it’s normally a brief moment compared to the active ball of energy she is the rest of the day. Her biggest thing this past month has been conquering jumping. Our church had a bouncy castle for New Years Day, and Eleanor probably played in it for about 40 minutes. She loved it, and I think it really helped her learn to jump better. She loves jumping on the bed, the couch, the floor, her friends’ trampoline, the pool. She’s all about it. She’s also running a lot, and she is a climber. She climbs onto the back of our couch like a cat. (You gotta pick your battles right?) She also climbed a ladder without any help (supervised of course). I am enjoying that the weather has allowed for us to spend a lot of time in the pool, but I am looking forward to when it’s not so hot and we can enjoy parks again. She loves sliding and climbing and swinging. Ball of energy, I’m telling ya!

Another major area of growth for Eleanor is her verbal skills. Just in the past 3 weeks, she’s probably doubled or tripled her vocabulary, and she surprises me sometimes with what she knows and understands. She loves saying everyone’s names. She will say “hi” and “buh-bye” to just about anyone. She says “no” and her own little version of “yes”. She also says a bunch of other words of objects around the house and outside. It’s been a little mind-blowing how quickly her vocabulary has grown. I am really enjoying it, though, and you can see her delight when she learns a new word. The other day she learned how to say “Buzz” from Toy Story, and she was so, so proud.

Other highlights from the past few months were all the Christmas festivities, as well as visiting the Zoo in Sydney the week after Christmas. I am hoping to a post on the zoo visit in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for that.


  • Movies/TV: Toy Story and Frozen; Daniel Tiger and Curious George
  • Food: any fruit, pretzels are a new fave, popsicles (she calls them “poppies”), water (especially cold water!)
  • She’s really started to like creative activities like colouring and playing with play-dough
  • She still LOVES dogs and most animals she comes across
  • Climbing, running and jumping
  • Playing in the pool or at her water table (pretty much anything water related)
  • Books
  • Singing (still one of my favourite things she does!)
  • She loves being chased and tickled
  • Her babydoll, Lucy (she even sleeps with her)
  • People – she needs to have people interaction everyday. My little extrovert!


  • Vegetables
  • Riding in the car – this has sort of reemerged lately, but I think it’s just because it’s so hot right now. If it’s not a super hot day, she’s normally fine.

I feel like there are others, but I can’t think of them at the moment…

How Am I Doing?

I am doing pretty well. I am loving all the new words she is saying and that she is pretty willing to try to say new ones. She’s definitely gotten in a more “testing” phase, and Robbie and I are still sorting through what boundaries we would like and how discipline works in our family. Overall, though, I feel she responds pretty well to both of us and is a really good little girl. I am finding the one nap a day thing a little bit challenging because the days feel even longer, particularly since her naps are quite short. I am trying to figure out what my week should look like in a way that works for our whole family and still helps me to thrive in what I am doing. *I feel like I’ve written that for the past 6 months, but it’s a work in progress!

I feel like the new year has started pretty well, and I think I am doing better at recognising what works for me on a given day. Robbie and I were taking turns getting up with Eleanor each week, but I quickly realised that I was actually more tired doing this because my wake up time was so different day-to-day. So now we are trying for me to get up with her, and then Robbie takes over at 7am for the hour or so before work. I can have a nap if I need to or I can read or even go run an errand and have a little free time to start the day. I went to the new gym this week, and that is also going really well. Overall, I’d say we are going pretty well. I will definitely NOT miss this stupidly hot weather when it goes, but we are surviving. It’s nice to look forward to cooler mornings and walks throughout the day!

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January 18th, 2017|Family, Motherhood|

Life Lately in Photos

I realised as I was planning my next several posts that I actually missed a lot in December. So I thought I’d catch up with a little photo post with some fun things that happened throughout the busy, exciting month of December. Enjoy!


^The beautiful Sarah teaching Eleanor how to be a cool, skater girl! Eleanor really loves visiting Sarah at the warehouse, even when she breaks her lawn gnomes. (sorry Sez!)


^The aftermath of a grape popsicle at the pool. We loved going to Lambton Pool with the Beck family and cannot wait to go back again this summer!


^Eleanor’s climbing skills have seriously improved in the past month. She’s become quite the little monkey actually, and she scaled this ladder with no problem.


^A few weeks into December, we decided to do a cookie decorating day at Mums Morning Tea. For Ollie and Eleanor, it was mostly a “cookie eating” day, but Essie really got into decorating. She’s quite the little artist. There were icing and sparkles and beads everywhere, but it was all worth it in the end. Such fun seeing these little friends play together and enjoy a number of activities.


^Eleanor’s cookie at the beginning. 30 minutes later, it looked like a sugar cookie that was dyed purple with no sign of actual icing anymore. She scraped every little bit off.








^Playing around with my camera one night. I love blurry light photos, and Christmas is a favourite as well. So this picture just had to be thrown in the mix.


^Grammy sent Eleanor Olaf and Elsa Christmas ornaments, and she was always so excited to show people. She did fairly well with leaving ornaments on the tree. Mostly, she just pulled the bulbs off, would throw it and say “ball”. Right idea, kid. Right idea.


^Robbie has given Eleanor her love of bugs, and I am going to let them have fun with that while I steer clear. He put a “Christmas Bug” on her little stick, and she was pretty amused until it peed on her. Then she wasn’t such a fan. These bugs are so interesting. They’re only ever around for this short period of time each year, and they’re brightly coloured green and red, hence the name!


^Eleanor holding Daddy’s jalapeño loot. Don’t worry, she didn’t eat them or get any in her eyes.


^We went in town to the beach the day before Christmas Eve with the rest of the base for a BBQ. It was such a nice night, and Eleanor enjoyed showing off her sunnies.


^Eleanor got given this little picnic table from some friends, and for her, it’s more of a ladder, at least initially. I set up a little tea party with her new set from some other friends, and she promptly threw it all on the ground and climbed to the top. What did I tell you? Monkey! This table is now outside with her water table!


^My two favourites on Christmas morning, chowing down on some cinnamon rolls and coffee. It was a nice, slow start to the morning at home, and I loved every minute of it.



^This is Lucy, Eleanor’s new baby doll. We’ve tried a few names for her, but none seem to stick. She’s trying to say Lucy now, though, so that’s a start. Lucy goes most places with us, and Eleanor now sleeps with her every night. It’s pretty cute.


^Far out, I love these two so much. I am so grateful for them, and I loved this holiday season with them. I am so excited for a million more to come!


^And finally, this is Eleanor’s new water table from Aunty Deb and Uncle Givenski. She loves this thing so much, and I am glad she has a fun activity to do in our backyard now, even if she does get soaking wet every time she’s out there.

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January 9th, 2017|Family, Missions, Random|