af Petersens Family Photo Shoot

I did my first photo shoot since posting about building my portfolio here. My lovely friends Fred and Jules volunteered their family, and I was so grateful because I haven’t taken photos of such a big family before. They have four beautiful teenagers, and we had so much fun galavanting around the Newcastle Foreshore on Monday afternoon. This family is so near and dear to my heart. They’ve been here at YWAM Newcastle for 20+ years, and their commitment to God is beautiful and inspiring. I’ve gotten the privilege of working with both Fred and Julianne at different points over the years, and I also got to have Siri on the dance team with me back in the day when I was the dance team leader. (Yes, you read that right…it was hilarious) Kiah is one of Eleanor’s favourite people at the moment, and she enjoyed following them around to see what they were doing during the photo shoot.

Thanks again af Petersens family for letting me take some photos of your beautiful family!

*Jules is a little out of focus in this one, but I just love the three girls together so I had to include it!

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