5 (Brief) Testimonies of God’s Power in Missions

It’s interesting to write a post like this about God’s power because it is displayed in so many ways. Often when we think of the word “power”, we automatically think big and bold and loud. Sometimes, though, as I have seen in missions, God’s power comes out so subtly or gently that it’s remarkable and unique.

Here are 5 brief stories about my time in missions so far. These are certainly not all of the stories, but I tried to think of ones that give a good picture of the many ways God displays His power.

Next to each story is an attribute of who God is to really highlight the way God’s power came through.

1. DTS Transformation – God’s Grace

This is a picture of God’s subtle power in my own life. I came to do DTS in 2009, and even though I couldn’t fully explain where I was at in the depths of my heart, God knew. He gently pursued me and challenged me over my DTS.

I had a very limited view of God, and He slowly but passionately and purposefully showed me just how big He was – that I would never be able to fully grasp His abundant beauty and character. My transformation was one from religion and striving to one of identity and grace. I am so thankful that God exerted His power and changed me and set me on this beautiful path that may not have otherwise happened, but I am really thankful that He did it from a perspective of knowing my heart better than anyone…of gently loving me and strengthening me in my trust of Him.

2. PNG Outreach – God’s “With-ness”

Nearly four years ago, I led a team to Papua New Guinea. I was the only leader, and honestly, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. That being said, it was also one of my most rewarding experiences, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Within the first week, I became sick. Not only was I homesick – for familiarity, for my bed, for my friends, for someone else to make decisions with me – but I was literally sick as well. I have a journal during that time, and I am pretty sure I filled it entirely just during those first three weeks!


During this outreach, I learned what God means when He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you…” In the physical, I was “alone” as far as leading the team goes, but that was the only version of my “loneliness” because God was absolutely with me. He was present when I cried. He was present when I needed comfort. He was present when I needed a kick up the rear. He was present when I needed help making decisions.

He was present always.

I love that outreach for so many reasons, but the opportunity to experience the “withness” of God to that depth is my most favourite reason. There is power in our revelation of God always with us!

3. Brothel Ministry – God’s Hope

A couple years ago, I joined the team that goes out every week into the brothels in town. There have been many breakthroughs we have seen since this ministry started.

During my first year, we went out for our Christmas outreach, and I saw a woman that I had met the month before. She was such a lovely woman, and unlike many of the women I have met, she had an incredible hope for the future. She had plans to move and go to school to learn counselling, and she wanted to help young women in the industry.

On that Christmas outreach, I was able to give her a gift and pray for her – for her future and all that God has for her. I have never seen her again. I’ve asked others that I have seen, and they have said that she did in fact move. I don’t have any way of keeping in touch with her anymore, but I really believe God is going to use her and her story. (More of the story is here)

4. Car Campaign – God’s Provision

This is only one of a multitude of stories I have now of God providing in incredible ways. The particular reason I want to note this story, though, is because it was literally 100% God (not to say that every story isn’t God but you catch my drift right?).

Robbie and I were so busy over the month that God led us to do this campaign, and we had no time to “strive” for anything. We just took it step by step, asking God what to do, which in this case wasn’t very much given the season. We honestly weren’t sure what would happen, but God blew our minds.


He used so many people to provide – people who had never given to us before or people who tripled or quadrupled their largest gift. We were literally experiencing jaw-dropping moments nearly every few days, and at the end of the campaign, we had a new car. We had a car that will carry us into the years to come that is safe and reliable. It was incredible.

It showed me how much God cares for us. He doesn’t want us to have second best. He wants the best for His kids, and He will provide a way for it to happen.

5. Occupancy – God’s Miracles

This story is so recent that it still gives me chills. In 2008, YWAM Newcastle purchased a warehouse building with great vision and plans for its future. It was an empty shell when we bought it, and over the course of the past 6 years, a tremendous amount of work has been done to make it look the way it does today.



The past year or more, as we neared completion, it became a challenge to get final occupancy. We’d been able to use the warehouse for some things, but not everything. Everything meant student visas and youth street live at the warehouse and more. We prayed and prayed and prayed, and every time we thought we had it, something else came up.

It was a fight of perseverance – how long will you believe for something without losing hope?

May rolled around, and one morning, as we were all gathered together for worship, David jumped up with a paper in his hands – FINAL OCCUPANCY! It was shocking and wonderful and thrilling and celebratory. I kept wondering what it would feel like to just have it, but as per usual, it was nothing like what I imagined. It was such an incredible thing to persevere for. God did a miracle, and now so much more can happen here in this place.

In a week, Youth Street Live will kick off officially in our warehouse. That moment will be so wonderful!

There are so many ways God displays His power. He’s all-powerful. Sometimes we take that, though, and we forget everything else He is. Thinking about God’s power, in conjunction with everything else He is, is one of the most beautiful revelations. It’s perfect, holy, gentle yet strong power, and I am SO blessed to see it on display all the time!

How have you seen God’s power in your life?

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