Baby Willingham: 16 Weeks

Sometimes it feels like 40 weeks is forever away, but then when we tell people a bit of the story and talk about when we found out, it puts into perspective how fast it’s already gone. We’ve known for 3 months that a little baby is on the way – 3 months! How did that happen???

Yesterday marked 16 weeks. My app says “167 days to go” – that seems short to me when I think about how it was closer to 250 when I first added the app!

At church yesterday, we saw some friends who we hadn’t seen since going home for holidays. They have a little one who is turning 3 today, and my friend asked her what was in my belly. She very wisely said “a baby!” Then my friend asked her if she thought it was a boy or a girl baby, and little Eva, very matter of fact and sure, said “A boy.” My family want a girl so they may not be happy with that guess haha. It’ll be fun to see whose “hunches” are right when little bub makes his/her appearance!

16 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 16 weeks16 Weeks Photo (1 of 1)

Baby is the size of an… Avocado

Food Cravings: It’s been pretty hot this week, so I’ve wanted ice water, ice cream, ice everything. I was also craving the steak chipotle burrito bowl at Guzman, but that may be partly because I knew we were going there on Friday. Such a great meal!!

Food Aversions: No eggs still. Coffee is walking a tight rope, sometimes falling on the craving side and sometimes falling on the aversion side. It’s hit or miss, but it’s normally one extreme or the other.

Symptoms: Doing well. Allergies are still a pain and seem to get worse as I sleep, but again, I’ve had allergies before so it’s not “new” to me per say. Sometimes I wake up with a decently sore back – currently on the hunt for a better body pillow. I bought a cheap one from K-Mart but the stuffing inside is all disjointed and doesn’t stay together, which kind of defeats the purpose. I have a few leads on borrowing one, though, so hopefully that’ll help!

New this week: It took me a bit to remember anything new this week, but I finally thought of a few things. One, I had this weird heartburn/indigestion/something on Thursday. It was strange, and I couldn’t really pinpoint how it felt other than what I said. My friend says that it was probably partly my ribs expanding a bit. I think it’s crazy all these steps that our bodies just know how to go through to support the process of growing a tiny human. I feel like I knew a bit about the process just from my sisters and friends who have been pregnant, but those were just broad brushstrokes. Going through it, you start paying attention to and learning all these little details. My ribs expand? Wow. Another thing was learning that my body is apparently producing twice as much blood, which is making me hotter. Not so helpful when it’s already a million degrees. Yesterday was hard with the heat, particularly at night. It’s amazing, though, to learn all these little facts along the way!

Looking forward to: I still cannot wait to know that I am feeling kicking. I’ve had little movements/flutters/pops that I think might be it, but I am not confident enough to say that it’s definitely it. I am also looking forward to February and our next appointment and ultrasound.

Miss anything? I miss being able to have multiple cups of coffee if I wanted to. I didn’t do this all the time pre-pregnancy, but it was nice having that option if I wanted it.

Exercise: Walking, stairs and I did some laps in the pool yesterday afternoon. The laps felt so good!

Here are some funny outtakes from our photo taking today ha! Robbie is trying to have a belly…I don’t know that it’s ever going to happen, though!

Silly Robbie (1 of 9)  Outtake (1 of 1)

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  1. Kristie January 26, 2015 at 10:58 pm - Reply

    Love the updates. Keep them coming. Boy you say? That’s good since you want more than one child that way when the little girl comes along she will have a big brother to beat up those boys that will surely follow her :). Sounds like things are going well. Love you.

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