Baby Willingham: 17 Weeks

Another week down! It’s starting to really seem like the weeks are all blurring together, especially considering it’s already February! Only 11 months of the year left. 2014 flew by, and I have no doubt that 2015 will go even faster!

This last week was such a relief with the weather. After the very hot day last Sunday, Monday came along with some fresh rain and about 15 degree (Celsius) less temperatures. It was wonderful. The whole week was nice actually – a few days of rain and gradually getting a little warmer and sunnier. Thursday and Friday were perfect days in my book – sunny and beautiful, about 25-26 degrees (77-79 degrees Fahrenheit) and a nice breeze. My rule of thumb for perfect weather is if I can wear jeans and not sweat to death then it’s perfect. I’ve gotten lots of that this past week, which was wonderful!

17 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 17 weeks17 Weeks (1 of 3)

Baby is the size of an… Onion

*Photo: right before going swimming yesterday, but it was very short lived. A bit too chilly!

Food Cravings: I can’t really remember any specific cravings this week. I have noticed that I have to eat much more frequently, though. I don’t feel like I can eat as much at once, but I am balancing it by eating every couple hours. AND when I am hungry, I feel this urgency – I need food now! Haha! It sounds dramatic, but it’s mostly just internal thinking. I don’t typically yell out for food in the middle of public places or anything – not to worry! ;)

Food Aversions: Eggs. A random “reverse aversion” – on Friday there was tuna salad at lunch, which I have never in my life liked tuna salad, but I found myself pouring a nice big scoop onto my plate and enjoying it. This baby must like tuna!

Symptoms: Allergies, nothing new there.

Round. Ligament. Pain. This is definitely a new one. I got a bit nervous after having some pain in my lower right side for a few days in a row. It would normally happen if I sneezed or coughed or moved the wrong way. It wasn’t all the time, but I just noticed it in particular after it kept happening for a few days. I rang my Dr, who is a great friend from church and just said, “Is this anything to be worried about?” She asked me a few questions and then explained that the ligaments in my lower abdomen that support my uterus and other organs gets completely soft around this time. Because of that, any pressure (coughing, twisting, etc.) in that area, can produce sharp pains at times, but it’s completely normal and nothing to be worried about. A few things came out of this for me – one, my Dr is amazing! I love that I can call her and that she even reiterated this when I called her yesterday. I haven’t actually called her except when we first found out, and I have left any other questions to our appointments. I am thankful for her willingness and flexibility to walk through the journey with us, though. Two, I have heard of round ligament pain, but I don’t think I looked into it enough to recall that “oh hey, maybe it’s that.” Three, sharp pains in your lower right side prior to pregnancy totally freak people out – is it my appendix? Haha. The wonderful world of pregnancy – still in awe of all the ways our bodies change! Four, once you know something concrete mentally, even the same exact sensation or feeling will feel totally different. Relaxation Station now!

New this week: The round ligament pain was definitely new. Also, I am about 80% certain I have felt a few little movements in there. I think it’s still too early to always know or for anyone else to be able to feel it. However, there was a very distinct feeling on Friday night – the bubblegum popping feeling. I was sitting very still watching a show, and I just started noticing it. It was totally different than anything I have felt before, and it was in the right spot to be baby. I can’t wait for those little pops to increase so Robbie can feel, too :)

Also, one of my favourite moments from this past week was getting to lead worship with Robbie and little babe on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was such incredible timing because I looked at my app on Monday, and it said that the bones in baby’s ears are now in place, and he/she can probably hear my voice as I talk or sing. It was so significant knowing that, and then getting to lead worship as a little family together! I haven’t led worship since before the ship tour, which was towards the end of last September, because I was having morning sickness and then we were away on holidays. I loved that this was the first time together!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.32.57 pm

Looking forward to: February is an exciting month that I am looking forward to. For one, I’ll have my next appointment and hopefully get to hear little babe’s heartbeat again. We will also have our next scan/ultrasound this month, which I cannot stinkin’ wait to see his/her little face. I am thankful for Robbie’s self-control because the more I think about the next scan, the more I am like, “we could totally know if it’s a boy or girl…” Haha I still want to be surprised, though. It’ll be interesting to see if what seems like everyone’s suspicions are correct, but we’ll have to wait until July for that. February also marks the halfway point for the pregnancy – wow that happened fast!

Miss anything? I miss some of my shorts that I can’t fit into right now. I did get two pairs at Cotton On last week, though, that are a bit more casual/comfortable, and I bought them 2 sizes too big. So that is helping!

Exercise: I am regretting adding this question hah! I really need to get more of a plan into place other than just my defaults. Defaults are good, but I definitely want to do more.

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