Baby Willingham: 19 Weeks

19 Weeks! I can’t believe that I’ll be halfway next week. It feels like with every passing week more and more reality is setting in. I am sure a lot of things contribute to that, namely my ever-increasing belly. (Speaking of giant bellies…in this week’s photo, there is also the giant burger that I just consumed contributing to the gigantic size of my belly! Lots of baby…but some burger!)IMG_5450

This past week Robbie and I went in for my Dr’s appt. It’s always exciting to go in for these appointments because they’re for an exciting reason, as opposed to when you normally have to go to the Dr for an illness. I took Robbie with me this time so he could hear the heartbeat. It was much easier to find this time, and it was good and strong. She wriggled the baby’s head slightly to see if it would move, and a couple seconds after doing that I felt a sharp kick in my side. Our little bean did not like that so much, but then again, who would really? She said the baby’s head is down, which is great and very normal apparently. She said most baby’s are head down the entire time, and this surprised me. For some reason I assumed babies were always head up or sideways and then they’d turn around closer to birth because you hear about this happening. I was glad to hear little bean is floatin’ around the right way. Hopefully they stay that way! My fundal height was the right size as well. So baby’s growing at a good pace.

We also looked into referring me to the midwives so I can start getting to know them, and I got the number to call about antenatal classes, which are all booked in now for the end of March. It’s getting real! Finally, I got the referral letter to make my appointment for the lovely glucose test. YAY ::sarcasm:: In all honesty, though, I’ve heard the drink isn’t as terrible as it once was, and that probably the worst part is the fasting before hand, waiting around and drawing blood 3 times. I guess we’ll see!

19 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 19 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Mango

Food Cravings: Cereal. Cold, cold water. Burgers!

Food Aversions: I tried a bite of Robbie’s eggs the other day. So looking at eggs and thinking, “Ok, those don’t look too bad,” and actually eating them…ya that’s two completely different things. I took a bite and was quickly repulsed. No egg love, and I think this aversion may stick around for the duration.

Symptoms: I feel like a broken record saying this but A-L-L-E-R-G-I-E-S! They’re driving me crazy, particularly in the last few days. Friday night was the worst! I felt like my head might explode. I am doing everything that seems like it may work or has started to work. I’ve had allergies before, and last May, I went to a Naturopath because nothing seemed to help. He recommended trying a gluten free diet. I did that for about 6 months, and I feel like it reset my system and got rid of 95% of my allergy issues. Towards the end of the 6 months, I slowly started reintroducing gluten and everything seemed good. Enter little bean and pregnancy symptoms and they’re back! So I am wondering about going back gluten free for the rest of my pregnancy to see if it’ll reduce any of my symptoms. I’ll let you know what happens.

New this week: Stranger stares. “Is that girl pregnant? She kind of looks pregnant…Hmmm….” I can read their thoughts. Haha I am starting to get those looks where I can see people wondering. I think in the coming weeks there will be NO denying this bump. Also, more kicks on the inside that are getting stronger. I wrote a bit more about that here the other day.

Looking forward to: I still can’t wait for Robbie to feel the baby move. I am constantly calling him over to try, but no luck yet. I am also still looking forward to our next ultrasound. Next week!

Miss anything? Sushi, feta cheese…loving coffee. I drink it sparingly at this point, but it’s not the same love that I’ve had before.

Exercise: Robbie and I started to walk up to dinner when we can, and we also did a nice long walk along the break wall last week. We house sat for some friends with a dog on Friday as well and took him for a walk, which is a bit more strenuous when he sees other dogs and goes nuts. Lots of walking. 20 week goal = workout routine set!


Books I’m Currently Reading: I thought I would add this since I am starting to read up on different aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. I might do some book reviews on some of them as well. Currently I am reading French Children Don’t Throw Food. It’s the same author of Bringing up Bébé. I love French Culture, and I am finding this book interesting, informative, hilarious and easy to read. She’s an American, married to a Brit, living in Paris and writing about pregnancy and parenting. I am also reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. She’s a very well-known midwife in the US who has decades of incredible outcomes with natural birth. The first part is all birthing stories, which I am finding SO interesting and actually making me less scared about giving birth (even the harder stories). Maybe it’s the whole “strength in numbers”, but I am finding it great to read about the countless number of women who have already done this a million times. The second part is more practical and informative, but I haven’t read too much of that part yet.

Finally, for those who have been reading along each week, if there are questions that YOU have, whether they’re weekly ones or not, just write them in the comments, and I will see about adding them to future posts. I want to keep this fresh and interesting!
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