Baby Willingham: 27 Weeks

I feel like this section has often been devoted to me reflecting on how fast time has been going. I think it’s just always so surprising. I can’t even imagine how fast these last few months will go! I am really excited to meet our little Bean, and I grow more and more excited and more and more in love everyday.

This week had the best weather ever. I felt giddy about how nice it felt. I mean I have a scarf on in my picture below – can’t get much better than that. I am thankful that the weather in Australia is so beautiful, even in winter. Winter is like a cold autumn in Indiana. It’s nothing too crazy or extreme. It’s nice and refreshing, though, and I think I am going to appreciate it more than ever before this year!

 27 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 27 weeksFullSizeRender

Baby is the size of a… Rutabaga

Food Cravings: Really random, but I saw this photo yesterday of breakfast sausage and I was practically drooling. I’m looking forward to a nice breakfast in the States next week – somewhere, somehow, I’ll get those breakfast sausages. I am also craving doughnuts. We don’t really have them that often – they’re honestly not a HUGE thing in Australia, at least not how they are in the US. They do have Doughheads, though…and that is just beautiful :) In fact, Robbie and I went there this afternoon. We had coffee and doughnuts and discussed baby names. It was a fantastic date!

Food Aversions: I can’t think of anything here again. Maybe I am just good at avoiding? It’s definitely not like in the first trimester.

Symptoms: Insomnia. Allergies. Basically the same ones that have been there for awhile now. As I am entering into the third trimester, I am sure there may be some new ones. We shall see. As far as the insomnia goes, I am getting a game plan to help with it by 1) upping my water game earlier in the day so I don’t want as much water at night, (see graphic for full explanation) and 2) leaving my phone in my living room and using an alarm clock so when I am having a hard time falling back asleep, my phone doesn’t perpetuate the problem. My friend posted this really good article this week, and it reminded me of my “plan” to keep my phone out of my room a year ago that got held up by the whole alarm clock debacle. Note to self: don’t buy the cute old school alarm clocks because they will give you a heart attack when you wake up!


New this week: I feel stumped on this one this week, which is weird because normally this is one of the biggest ones I answer.

Today Robbie and I went and had an “official” conversation about baby names. We’ve thrown lots of ideas around, and we have an app on both of our phones that is synced together so we can add ones we like. We took some time and asked God about this little one inside me and what they would be like. God gave us several words, and we started searching for some names that are around the words. I think for us some big things with names are that we are including God in the decision and the name has a good, solid meaning. We don’t want to pick anything that is extremely popular or extremely rare. Somewhere in the middle is good. I am also not a fan of spelling names randomly just to be different because at the end of the day, they are still going to be pronounced the same. We have a bit of a list going. I told Robbie that finding out the gender would definitely have made this part easier, and his wonderfully positive response was “well this will give us a head start for next time”. :)

I got travel insurance for when we are away next week, which is so reassuring. I also have my Dr’s note. Even though my pregnancy has been low-risk this far, I just feel better knowing that I am covered, and we won’t be buried in debt if something happens. Even if nothing extreme happened, I don’t want to have this inner-debate about whether or not to see a Dr if something minor were to happen just because of the cost. Did I mention how thankful I am to live in Australia?

Looking forward to: We are heading to the wedding this week, and I am so excited for that! It’ll be great to see family, and I am so excited for Robbie’s sister and our soon-to-be brother-in-law. We are also bringing back our pram, which I am excited for! I am looking forward to trying the Sydney > Dallas flight (the longest flight in the world) because it’ll be nice to not have to go through LAX and to have the bulk of the trip on one, nice plane. However, I am slightly nervous about how uncomfortable I may feel flying that long. Pray it goes smoothly!

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach. Feta. Sushi. No change here.

Exercise: Same. Still need to up my game, though!

Books I’m Currently Reading: I went on the train to Sydney on Friday to get our bridging visa (it allows us to leave and return to Australia while our PR Visa is processing), and I had a lot of time to read Save Our Sleep. I am also getting ready to start reading Baby Wise, and although this book seems to be quite controversial, I’d appreciate no comments on it. :) Random tangent . . . pregnancy/birth/parenting seems to be the area I have encountered with the MOST opinions/criticism/”experts”. I may write an entirely separate post on that, but it’s something I have observed so much since starting this journey. Fortunately I haven’t encountered much negativity personally, but even observing it on Social Media is enough to make me want to pull my hair out. Digital is so wonderful…and so risky at the same time. End tangent.

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  1. Jennifer Marie April 14, 2015 at 10:27 am - Reply

    If you guys are flying on the new A380 airbus, you should be very comfortable. No matter what class you fly, that sucker is a flying hotel. I’m blown away by what they can do inside commuter planes these days. I hope you have a wonderful trip, both journey and at your destination!

    • Ashley Willingham April 14, 2015 at 2:48 pm - Reply

      Yeah it’s an A380 airbus, which I am so stoked to try. We typically do the Sydney to LA flight, and although those planes are still bigger than most domestic flight planes, we are both so excited to try this and to go straight to Dallas. I’ve also never flown with Qantas, which is surprising considering it’s an Australian airline, and I’ve heard they’re excellent. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you’re doing well! :)

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