Baby Willingham: 28 & 29 Weeks

Last week we were in the States for the wedding, and both of us decided to leave our computers here in Australia. So I am combining last week’s and this week’s posts together.

Our trip feels almost like a blur right now. “Did we really just travel to the States and see family and friends?” We’ve never done such a short trip, and I understand why. I am thankful that we normally have time to settle and adjust while we are there and spend more time with family. It was such a great trip, though, and I am very glad we were able to go. The wedding was beautiful, and it was great to meet Deb and Givenski’s friends and to see family. We also got to see some friends that we know from Newcastle who live in Nashville now. That was a surprise for us, and we were so blessed by their willingness to drive down and see us.

We are now back in Newcastle. While we were away there was a bit of a mini-hurricane, and it’s pretty nuts to come back and see trees everywhere, signs broken down and other areas that are torn up. I think when you look at large, strong trees, you think they’re immovable, and it’s quite mind-blowing to see them out of the ground. Our community was able to really serve and help those around us this past week as several went for days without power. The weather is back to normal now, but I think there are some areas that will still need quite a bit of attention to get back to normal.

Even as I write that, I am aware that it can feel so minor in comparison to what’s happened this weekend in Nepal. I am definitely praying for that nation and all the devastation, lives lost, homes demolished and more. Please be praying.

 28 & 29 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 28 weeks & 29 Weeks (current)

28 Weeks 29 Weeks

Baby is the size of a… Eggplant (28 Weeks) and Acorn Squash (29 Weeks – Current)

Food Cravings: I can’t think of anything in particular that came up over the past couple weeks, but my traditional burger craving was very well taken care of while we were in the States. After we went to the Aquarium, we went to a great burger place called Yeah Burger – so good. I also got black bean burgers at two different places, which were so tasty.

Food Aversions: Eggs were hit or miss again. I ate them a couple times, but then a couple times, the look of them made me sick to my stomach.

Symptoms: Most symptoms these past two weeks were travel related. My allergies made the flight a bit challenging, and I had horrible ear pain on both descents on the way there. I’ve had this a few times before, and it’s hands down some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Fortunately, it is only for about 20ish minutes until we land, and then it feels like the tail end of a headache. My right ear didn’t pop for several days, though, which was a little bit frustrating. I was able to get some nasal spray that was ok for me to take, which was very helpful, and thankfully, on the flights back, my ears functioned properly and adjusted to the altitude as we descended.

Aside from that, both flights left me pretty swollen. I wore compression sock, drank heaps of water and walked as often as possible, but I think it’s pretty inevitable this far in my pregnancy. Fortunately, both times were able to subside after I had time to rest/sleep it off. When we arrived, I felt everything was swollen, but we were able to go to bed pretty much straight away. I woke up feeling quite better the next morning. On the trip back, I had a little bit more time before it was time to go to bed (the trick to beating jet lag…immediately get on the time zone you’re in). I put my feet up eventually, though, and by the end of the night, just before bed, my feet/legs were back to normal.

All that to say, I am 100% thankful we went on the trip even though it was definitely not the most comfortable traveling experience for me. I am very grateful for a low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancy that made it possible.

New this week: It was exciting to be with family over the past 10 days and have them be a part of this stage in the journey in person.

Little bean has been increasingly active over these past couple weeks as well. I think it was last Thursday that I was sitting at Robbie’s sister’s house, and he was feeling the baby kick. Except by kick, I mean doing a kick-boxing class apparently. The baby was moving a crazy amount, and Robbie was pretty entertained. The movements are definitely different now that Bean is bigger. They are more fluid movements, and I can sometimes tell when it’s a knee or elbow. It’s all so surreal still and if I am being honest, a little alien-like :)

Looking forward to: We brought back our pram/stroller from the States,IMG_3409 and now that it’s in the baby’s area, I am getting very anxious to finish setting up that area. Some wonderful friends are throwing me a baby shower next Sunday, and hopefully in the coming weeks, we can finish all the setup.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach. Feta. Sushi. No change here.

Exercise: Walking throughout the week and traveling felt like enough of a workout while I was away. Ready to get back into a routine, though, for these last couple months.

Books I’m Currently Reading: I have three main ones that I am working through right now that are all somewhat similar yet different enough to be worth the read. They’re all centred around breastfeeding and sleep. Baby Wise, Save Our Sleep and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Even though there is some of overlap in different areas, I am finding them all very interesting in their own ways.

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