Baby Willingham: 32 Weeks

Another week down! At church this morning, Robbie and I were chatting with a friend, and we were talking about due dates and when babies come and all that jazz. She made the statement that generally as long as they can make it to 36 weeks, they’ll be good because they can breathe. Well 36 weeks is only 4 weeks from now, and that totally blows my mind.

In 1 week, I have a breastfeeding class and get my last bit of blood work done before baby.
In 2 weeks, I have my next midwife appt. (Oh and it’s June 1)
In 4 weeks, I’ll hit the 36 week mark, and it’ll be Debrief Week for the January students, which I am normally heavily involved with.
In 5 weeks, I’ll be “full-term”, and Robbie has his conference thing in Sydney for 4 days. People will be on standby ;)
In 6 weeks, we’ll nearly be heading into July,
in 8 weeks, I am officially due.

That allllll happened fast! My friend commented last night that she was surprised that I felt the pregnancy has gone so fast because most of the time women don’t feel that way. I totally may be whistling a different tune in a few weeks, but honestly, I think all the little markers along the way and staying busy has been a big contributing factor in this season flying by.

32 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 32 weeksIMG_3516

Baby is the size of a… Squash

Food Cravings: Lemonade, donuts, very cold water.

Food Aversions: Egg Salad…oh goodness that was not a good smell for me this past week!

Symptoms: I’ve still had back pain, but going to the Physio on Thursday was really helpful. She was able to assess my back and pelvis to make sure everything was ok, and then she walked me through a whole heap of suggestions to help alleviate any pain/numbness. The stretches she gave me feel awesome, and I think I really notice a difference when doing them. She also encouraged me not to sit for more than 15-20 minutes without getting up and walking or stretching. This may be a bit challenging with work, but we’ll just have to get creative.

Other than that, my allergies have seemed a bit worse this week, and overall, I am just getting increasingly more tired. I think there’s a lot that’s attributing to the tiredness – being heavier so things take more effort, not sleeping as well, etc. I cannot wait for the first time I get to sleep on my stomach – I seriously day dream about it haha. I don’t even care if it’s a 20-30 minute “nap”, it’s going to be amazing!

Final symptom…it’s a glorious one. Imagine you’ve just gone to a really great spin class or went for a bike ride for a few hours. Now imagine your derrière a few hours/a day after that. Now imagine that allllll the time. I’m guessing this is normal because I’ve yet to come across a pregnancy symptom that isn’t “Oh that’s normal!” However, I am still going to mention it to my midwife. It’s lovely.

New this week: My physio appt was this past week. It reinforced how thankful I am to live here in Australia and to now officially be a Permanent Resident. There’s this calm that has come over me – I’m covered. It’s the biggest blessing in the world, and I am so incredibly grateful!

Robbie finished painting the cot this week, so we’ll probably bring it into our room and set stuff up tomorrow. I wanted to make sure it had a good amount of time to dry so it doesn’t smell at all. I can’t wait to have it in there so we can have a better picture of what the space will look like.

We also finally decided on a car seat! We may go and buy that next weekend. I think this is one of the items I have gone back and forth on the most so far. I did tons and tons of research and really felt like I had my head wrapped around the different options, the standards in Australia (some of the highest in the world), etc. A couple big things that were influencing our decision were thinking down the line with two kids what would be more practical to buy now. Also, we had to think through our particular circumstances and what made the most sense for us. Plus, I was looking into the ratings for different ones, prices, etc. Through this process, I realised yet again that parenting is not one size fits all, and we really have to be ok with that and celebrate it in fact. What works for one family may be totally different for another family, and that’s ok. I am actually thinking about writing a whole post just on this particular topic, so stay tuned.

Looking forward to: The last bits of stuff getting done – buying the car seat and installing it, finishing bean’s corner of our room, getting bags packed.

I am also really looking forward to knowing if Bean is a boy or girl. Honestly, I am finding it hard lately to not know. I have been curious throughout the whole pregnancy, as I am sure anyone would be. I think in the last little bit, I am just finding myself SO ready to know. It’s not just about picking names (although that would make that conversation easier) – it’s more about connecting with this little human inside me. I feel connected to Bean for sure, but I think gender will be critical in knowing who this person is and thinking and dreaming about their future. Plus, I am antsy to go shopping for this little one. I’ll have to save that for later and just take them with me, hey? :)

Miss anything? Sleeping well – not getting up every hour or two, sleeping on my stomach or on my back. My body being my body. Having more energy.

Exercise: I am working on the stretches the physio gave me, and I am going to try some Pilates again. She encouraged me to try it, but then to give myself a day or two to see how it felt before doing it again. She thinks it will be helpful, but she just wants to make sure I don’t push too hard.

Books I’m Currently Reading: I’ve still been working on the same ones, although not as regularly. I’ve also been reading some bits of What to Expect When You’re Expecting over again just to get some more things solidified in my brain prior to birth. Plus, parts of that book that weren’t at all applicable to me in the early stages are much more interesting now.

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