Baby Willingham: 35 Weeks

Well it’s about 7am, and I’ve already been awake for an hour. I am generally not a morning person, but pregnancy does weird things to you. I am normally a pretty heavy sleeper once I’ve fallen asleep, but for a couple months now, I feel like deep sleep is a thing of the past. What’s funny is that I don’t feel exhausted. I feel the normal tired that comes with pregnancy, but you’d think I’d feel way more tired given the lack of sleep and deep sleep at that. This just continues my theory that God really did make pregnancy a preparation time for having a newborn. How many times do soon-to-be mummas hear, “You’ll never sleep in again!” or “Enjoy your sleep now.” Maybe when you’re a new mum you forget that you couldn’t sleep during pregnancy either? I guess we will see.

Other than that, I think things are really sinking in lately. You would probably assume things would have really sunk in by now – I mean, I am on the brink of being 9 months pregnant here – and they have. However, it’s just been another level this past week. You’re so consumed with pregnancy while you’re in it…how is the baby growing, how am I growing, what I am feeling, what I need to do around the house, when is my next appointment. It goes on and on. As much as I have been working on my to-do list and trying to get things prepared, I feel my emotions are what are shifting. My emotions are moving from this, “Wow I am pregnant/pregnancy is an incredible process/etc” to “I am going to be a mother very, very soon/how are those first couple weeks going to go/what will my baby be like”. It’s shifting to this great hope and expectation for the future. I think this naturally happens when we are about to finish one season and move into the next no matter what the season may be, and although I have known that in my head for ages, my emotions and my heart are really starting to feel it lately.

35 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 35 weeks

Baby is the size of a… CoconutIMG_3595

Food Cravings: Doughnut (why isn’t it International doughnut day, or at least the same in Australia!), cold water, bready/carby stuff and Sprite.

Food Aversions: Nothing’s coming to mind.

Symptoms: There’s still the insomnia and getting up to go to the bathroom all night long. The back pain is still there, but it’s been quite a bit better in the last week or so – maybe a combination of the stretches, my habits with sitting/standing/laying down and just getting used to it. Still having sore/achy hands at times but nothing too crazy.

The new one this week was Wednesday when I got super achy and flu-like. However, I had a flu shot on Monday, and after coming full circle, I am pretty convinced it was just side effects from that. I felt that way for about 24 hours, and then I was totally fine.

New this week: I went to the midwife last Monday and everything was measuring exactly on schedule for 34 weeks. Bean’s heartbeat was strong, and he or she is still in a great position with head down and back shifting from either my left or right side. I did find out that my iron was low from my last blood test, and I am now taking an iron supplement in addition to my prenatal vitamin.IMG_1833 Surprisingly, I have already noticed a slight difference in my energy levels this week, so hooray for that. I got two shots this week as well – the flu shot and the one for whooping cough. Fortunately, Robbie’s barbed wire fence incident a few years ago resulted in him getting the same shot (which also includes tetanus), so he’s covered for whooping cough as well. They recommend anyone who will be getting particularly close to the baby to have it, but it’s unfortunately only free for pregnant women.

We received our package from home after it got delayed in customs. The baby’s corner is nearly complete, and I hope to post some pictures in the next week or two.

Looking forward to: Completing the baby’s corner. Checking off more on the never-ending “Pre-baby To-Do List”. Not having major plans this weekend for once in a great while. Another prenatal massage with my friend later this week. Settling on names for Bean – it feels like we are getting closer and closer.

Miss anything? When my body wasn’t producing that hormone relaxin that is making everything bigger and me unable to wear my shoes and rings, etc. Sleeping on my belly…or back…or just sleeping soundly. Not going to the bathroom all.the.time.

Exercise: Stretches and stretches and more stretches. This is an area that if you’ve been reading these updates long enough, you can probably figure out that I haven’t done superbly in this area. I would file it under “things to remember for next time”. I am convinced, now being in the later part of pregnancy, that a good exercise routine prior to baby and throughout pregnancy would have made a difference in this trimester’s aches and pains. Not to say I wouldn’t have any, but I am pretty convinced it would have made a difference. So I am still doing what I can, but in all reality, it’s getting more and more limited with this ever increasing belly. Walking is sloooooooow. :)

Books I’m Currently Reading: Same same same.

And just for fun – 11 weeks make quite a difference!!!


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