Baby Willingham: 36 Weeks

We went to church yesterday morning, and for as fast as I feel this pregnancy has gone, it seems to blow people’s minds when I tell them I am already 36 weeks along. My Dr. said, “Oh that’s so great – I mean 36 weeks…babies are pretty to-term by now. This is all so exciting.” It’s so true. Even though they technically say “full-term” is 37 weeks, it does seem to be that final stretch where it could happen any day now. My book says I am now in my 9th month! Hopefully Bean will arrive within this 9th month and no 10th month will be experienced :) I guess we shall see.

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Weeks Pregnant: 36 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Honeydew

Food Cravings: Cupcakes! I got into Cupcake Wars on Netflix when I was home sick last week, and now every time I watch it, I craaaaaaaaaaave cupcakes. The other night, we were watching it, and even though our local grocery store doesn’t have cupcakes, they do have baked goods. I may have sent the husband there at 8pm for some cookies… Other than that, I think I Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.44.21 pmcould eat cereal for nearly every meal, and I am still loving the coldest water available. If it has bubbles, even better!

Food Aversions: Nothing’s coming to mind.

Symptoms: In general, I just feel uncomfortable. I feel heavy and achy and can’t really find many comfortable positions. That being said, it’s just one of those things that I know is pretty standard at this point, so I’m not too down about it. More just taking it in stride.

Other than that, I had another bought of reflux or something along those lines the other night. I really don’t know how else to explain it. I feel hungry but nauseous. It almost feels like when you swallow a pill, and it just doesn’t settle right.

New this week: This week ended up being a lot more full than I anticipated, but it was a good week. I’ve been trying to get everything in before I slow down for baby, so I ended up teaching 4 different times this week. I love teaching, so I was happy to do it. I also have some more of that this upcoming week since it’s debrief week.

I’ve also been continuing to work on that pre-baby to-do list. It feels great when things get crossed off the list. The big one this week? Bean’s corner! We finally finished it yesterday afternoon, and I love it. I’ll be doing a separate post all about it later this week. The other to-do’s have included more organising, cleaning, taking stuff to Vinnies (like Goodwill), etc. It’s all happening. I have a few more loads of baby’s laundry to do and a couple more things to add to the hospital bag, and we are pretty set.Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.37.39 pm

I also received such a thoughtful and lovely gift yesterday from my friend, Dieuwke! She lives next door as well and just had baby Zara about 5 weeks ago. I love that we get to be neighbours and experiencing this new season of motherhood together. She made me a journal, which in and of itself is crazy cool, but the “theme” I suppose you could say of the journal was Little Golden Books which makes it even more amazing. I love Little Golden Books, and I’ve been very inspired by them for decor. Although Bean’s corner doesn’t have that theme, we still have several of the books and will probably incorporate them somehow. I can’t wait to use this journal. I am thinking I will write stories about Bean – maybe milestones, funny things Bean does (or eventually says), etc. So lovely.

Looking forward to: I have another midwife appointment later today. I always enjoy these appointments. The midwives are so lovely, and I always feel encouraged with how baby is going. Can’t wait to see what she says today. This week is also a fun week with all the outreach teams coming back. I always love these weeks. It’ll be fun to connect with them after they’ve been away for a couple months, and I am sure it’ll be weird for them b/c we have a new baby on base and my belly is much bigger since they left.

Maybe this goes without saying, but I am getting so antsy to meet this baby. Everyday that goes by and every little thing we do to prepare, it just makes it that much closer and more real. I cannot wait to know if Bean is a boy or girl. I cannot wait to name them! I cannot wait to snuggle them and put them in these tiny, cute little clothes that I’ve been washing. I can’t wait to bring them home and have them here with us.

Miss anything? The first thing that came to mind with this one is my wedding rings. I really miss wearing them. I also miss wearing a lot of my shoes that are just a bit uncomfortable currently. I miss having the capacity to “hold it” if I just want to sleep a little longer -rather than the pain and knowledge that I! Haha!

Exercise: Stretching. Walking …eh waddling at this point… very slowly I might add.

Books I’m Currently Reading: Same same same.

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