Baby Willingham: 37 Weeks

Full-term. Well apparently full-term is different depending on what book/website/person you’re talking to – some say 37 weeks, some say 39 weeks. In my mind, it just means that at this point if I were to go into labour, they wouldn’t stop me. Prior to 37 weeks, they would have tried to slow it down. I am saying “full-term”.

Today also begins the “5-Week-Window”. Robbie and I talked about this a long time ago – the time frame that you could have a baby. It’s too big of a window! I am really praying and hoping that the baby comes in the next 3 weeks – for my body’s sake and my brain’s. I guess I have to keep saying what they all say, though – the baby will come when the baby is ready to come.

37 Week RundownIMG_3665

Weeks Pregnant: 37 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Winter Melon

Food Cravings: Cereal and cold water mostly. I find that I have an insatiable thirst, which is not helpful with how squished my bladder currently is.

Food Aversions: Nothing’s coming to mind.

Symptoms: Tired. Achy. Ginormous. Pretty much all that you can expect at this point in the game. I am also feeling a lot more pressure in the last couple days around my pelvis, which is probably from baby’s added weight and position.

New this week: Bean’s Corner is completely finished, and you can see the full tour here. I love that it’s done, and every time I walk by, I get this giddy feeling inside. I can’t wait to bring Bean home to his or her own little space.

We also have the bags packed and ready to go – AND, we haven’t eaten the snacks that we bought for it yet, which for this pregnant woman is quite the feat! I also washed all of Bean’s clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. last weekend, so we are all caught up.

I had a midwife appointment last week, and everything went well there. I had to do the Group B Strep test, which was lovely. (You’ll know why it was lovely if you’ve had it…) She said they’d know the next day, but it wasn’t anything urgent so she’d just tell me at my next visit. If I have it, which 1 in 3 women do apparently, they just give me antibiotics while I am labouring to protect the baby. Otherwise it’s pretty harmless. Everything else checked out great – measured exactly 36 weeks last week, blood pressure was good, heartbeat was good and position was great. I asked her about “dropping” because every seems to be asking me about that or saying I have or haven’t. She said it’s not actually as much of a predictor as people think. Sometimes baby’s don’t fully drop until you start having contractions, and apparently with first time mums that is often the case because nothing has been stretched out for childbirth yet. All that to say, she said baby was in a wonderful position for labor – head down and low. My chart said 2/5, which she said is about halfway engaged. I am thankful baby is in such a great position! I go back for my next appointment in a week unless anything happens this week.

Looking forward to: This is the first week that will hopefully be quite a bit slower for me. Last week was very hard for me. Tuesday and Wednesday I probably pushed myself a bit too far, and while I did try to slow down a little on Thursday, by the time Friday rolled around I was extremely exhausted and sore. So hoping not to have anymore weeks like that. It’s really helpful that most of my to-do list is completed, and I don’t feel a huge pressure to take on these big things. Everyone’s advice at this point is to rest, rest, rest so that I have as much energy going into labour as possible.

I am also looking forward to another (my last) prenatal massage on Friday.

And, obviously, I am looking forward to Bean’s arrival. Like I said above, I am praying Bean hasn’t set-up camp for another 5 weeks. I told Bean the other night that after Sunday they could come whenever they wanted – we’re ready for you! I will say, though, this week would prove to be a little tricky with Robbie in Sydney. We have some plans in place for him to get back (just a 2-hour car ride), but it would still be helpful for it to all happen after he’s back. So taking it easy this week is even more crucial!

Miss anything? The capacity to get comfortable.

Exercise: Stretching. Waddling – pretty much “Waddling Willingham” at this point.

Books I’m Currently Reading: Same same same.

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