Baking Cookies with Eleanor

One of the coolest parts of being a mum is discovering your child’s unique personality. You see glimpses of it early on, but I think it was around 8 months or so that it seemed as if I noticed something new every, single day. Her development sky-rocketed around this time.

As she’s grown and we’ve gotten to discover new parts of who she is, we have noticed that Eleanor is an includer through and through. Have you heard of Strength Finders? It’s probably one of the better and more comprehensive personality tests out there. Go here and take it for $15 if not – it’s worth it. There are millions of possibilities as opposed to 4 or even 16 like some other tests. It’s very specific and unique. Allllll that to say, there is one strength called “includer”, and Robbie and I are pretty confident that if there were a toddler version of the test, Eleanor would have¬†includer as one of her top 5 strengths.

When she goes and sits on the steps at the warehouse, she will quickly pat the spot next to her and invite you to come sit with her. When she has something to eat, she will often give you a bite or a piece. She loves people, and she loves having others be a part of things with her. She also loves when she gets to be a part of everything.

When I was a kid, I remember baking with my Dad often. I don’t remember what age I started, though, and that has been something I have wondered as Eleanor has gotten a bit bigger. I decided to let her help me make muffins a couple months ago, and you would have thought I gave her all the muffins…and cookies…and dollies…and toys. She hit the jackpot and was stoked on life the rest of the day. It filled up her cup.

I was looking forward to more opportunities, and this week, I grabbed some chocolate at the store to add to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe so Eleanor and I could bake together again. She was so thrilled to help, and she’s getting better each time at dumping things into the bowl and mixing them in. Here are some photos I snapped from our little adventure together.

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