Baby Willingham: 38 Weeks

Well we made it through Robbie’s trip to Sydney without me going into labour, but unfortunately, Robbie came back feeling pretty sick. Hopefully this weekend will be good for him to recover from his symptoms and start feeling better because this pregnant lady is ready to ramp up alllllll the natural induction methods. I am ready to do all the walking and eat all the spicy foods. I am ready for this baby to make his or her debut, and there’s nothing stopping them now – Mom’s ready and Dad’s home!

This update will probably be pretty short because we’re really getting to the end now. I don’t feel like I have as much to update. However, I have made an entire page just for my pregnancy journey where you can find all the weekly updates and the other posts I did relating to pregnancy. You can find that all here.

38 Week RundownIMG_3683

Weeks Pregnant: 38 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Pumpkin!

Food Cravings: Cold water, Sprite, cereal, doughnuts…

Food Aversions: Nothing’s coming to mind.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks pretty much every evening at this point. I wake up feeling pretty great, not too huge, not too tight, but by the end of the day, I feel ginormous and that my belly is going to explode. I am also getting indigestion/reflux nearly every day at some point, but it’s nothing too unbearable. The only other thing is pretty bad carpel tunnel when I first wake up.

New this week: There aren’t too many things that are new this week because we’re getting into those final moments where most things are all ready to go. I have been cleaning a bit more and doing some more laundry. Robbie cleaned the car last week, which was so good to check off the list.

Looking forward to: Baby time! I am looking forward to this baby’s arrival. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, so it’ll be good to see how things are progressing. I’m up to once-a-week visits now.

I’m also looking forward to writing a new sort of post and not pregnancy updates. I am glad that I’ve done these, though. It’ll be neat to look back on in the future.

Miss anything? The capacity to get comfortable. My rings. My shoes.

Exercise: Stretching. Waddling – pretty much “Waddling Willingham” at this point.

Books I’m Currently Reading: Same same same.

Baby Willingham: 37 Weeks

Full-term. Well apparently full-term is different depending on what book/website/person you’re talking to – some say 37 weeks, some say 39 weeks. In my mind, it just means that at this point if I were to go into labour, they wouldn’t stop me. Prior to 37 weeks, they would have tried to slow it down. I am saying “full-term”.

Today also begins the “5-Week-Window”. Robbie and I talked about this a long time ago – the time frame that you could have a baby. It’s too big of a window! I am really praying and hoping that the baby comes in the next 3 weeks – for my body’s sake and my brain’s. I guess I have to keep saying what they all say, though – the baby will come when the baby is ready to come.

37 Week RundownIMG_3665

Weeks Pregnant: 37 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Winter Melon

Food Cravings: Cereal and cold water mostly. I find that I have an insatiable thirst, which is not helpful with how squished my bladder currently is.

Food Aversions: Nothing’s coming to mind.

Symptoms: Tired. Achy. Ginormous. Pretty much all that you can expect at this point in the game. I am also feeling a lot more pressure in the last couple days around my pelvis, which is probably from baby’s added weight and position.

New this week: Bean’s Corner is completely finished, and you can see the full tour here. I love that it’s done, and every time I walk by, I get this giddy feeling inside. I can’t wait to bring Bean home to his or her own little space.

We also have the bags packed and ready to go – AND, we haven’t eaten the snacks that we bought for it yet, which for this pregnant woman is quite the feat! I also washed all of Bean’s clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. last weekend, so we are all caught up.

I had a midwife appointment last week, and everything went well there. I had to do the Group B Strep test, which was lovely. (You’ll know why it was lovely if you’ve had it…) She said they’d know the next day, but it wasn’t anything urgent so she’d just tell me at my next visit. If I have it, which 1 in 3 women do apparently, they just give me antibiotics while I am labouring to protect the baby. Otherwise it’s pretty harmless. Everything else checked out great – measured exactly 36 weeks last week, blood pressure was good, heartbeat was good and position was great. I asked her about “dropping” because every seems to be asking me about that or saying I have or haven’t. She said it’s not actually as much of a predictor as people think. Sometimes baby’s don’t fully drop until you start having contractions, and apparently with first time mums that is often the case because nothing has been stretched out for childbirth yet. All that to say, she said baby was in a wonderful position for labor – head down and low. My chart said 2/5, which she said is about halfway engaged. I am thankful baby is in such a great position! I go back for my next appointment in a week unless anything happens this week.

Looking forward to: This is the first week that will hopefully be quite a bit slower for me. Last week was very hard for me. Tuesday and Wednesday I probably pushed myself a bit too far, and while I did try to slow down a little on Thursday, by the time Friday rolled around I was extremely exhausted and sore. So hoping not to have anymore weeks like that. It’s really helpful that most of my to-do list is completed, and I don’t feel a huge pressure to take on these big things. Everyone’s advice at this point is to rest, rest, rest so that I have as much energy going into labour as possible.

I am also looking forward to another (my last) prenatal massage on Friday.

And, obviously, I am looking forward to Bean’s arrival. Like I said above, I am praying Bean hasn’t set-up camp for another 5 weeks. I told Bean the other night that after Sunday they could come whenever they wanted – we’re ready for you! I will say, though, this week would prove to be a little tricky with Robbie in Sydney. We have some plans in place for him to get back (just a 2-hour car ride), but it would still be helpful for it to all happen after he’s back. So taking it easy this week is even more crucial!

Miss anything? The capacity to get comfortable.

Exercise: Stretching. Waddling – pretty much “Waddling Willingham” at this point.

Books I’m Currently Reading: Same same same.

Bean’s Corner

I am so excited about this post because it means that everything is ready. It’s a great feeling to have Bean’s space ready for him or her to arrive now. Before getting into that, though, I wanted to share a bit about where we live and the journey.

When you sign up for missions, you really give up your so-called “entitlements” that the world tells you that you must have. This is not to say you live with a “poverty mentality” and determine before you begin that you must suffer. That doesn’t at all line up with God’s character. However, there is a difference between receiving good gifts from God and entitlements, and part of growing as a missionary is learning the difference.

When Robbie and I got married, we were very fortunate to move into a one-bedroom flat that had a kitchen, living room and bathroom. We weren’t “entitled” to that, but we were so grateful for it. If God had called us somewhere else, we may not be guaranteed the same. We have lived in this flat for the last 3+ years, and we love it. Because of college and pre-married days, this is the longest I have lived in one place in a decade. No more moving from dorm room to dorm room or university to Australia to dorm room, etc. We’ve been planted in this little flat for 3+ years, and it’s home. We’ve put a lot of work into the flat, even though it was already newly finished when we moved in. We’ve added the finishing touches, particularly in the kitchen, and as a married couple, we’ve figured out our style and how to make the space home. We have loved our flat.

Then Bean came into the picture, and suddenly we had to look at it all differently. I had to guard my heart against “entitlement” for a bigger place, and very quickly and easily God protected me from that. I got so excited about welcoming Bean into this flat. Our bedroom is actually a pretty decent size, so I knew it could work. We started dreaming and picturing how it could all fit, and over the course of the last few months, we’ve been putting it together – not just Bean’s corner but this whole flat transitioning from newlywed-zone to new-family-zone. We’ve gotten rid of stuff, reorganised, moved things around, etc, and I really love how it’s all turned out.

As far as Bean’s Corner goes, when I first set out to figure out a theme or colours, I knew that we weren’t going to find out the gender and that I needed to stay neutral with colours. I loved Little Golden Books growing up, so I started searching on Pinterest for ideas around that theme. There were several, and I decided that could be the theme. We also got these little board figures from Robbie’s mom while we were home in December.

A few weeks ago, as I started to put it together, it just didn’t seem right. I love the books, but it just seemed really disconnected. It didn’t feel like it was the best for the space, so I went back to the drawing board. This time I used the little board figures as my inspiration and their colours in particular. I think I’ll still incorporate Little Golden Books where I can, but it’s not the theme per say.

Below are a ton of photos to see all the little details of Bean’s Corner. The feature photo above is the view from our bedroom door as you walk into our room. To the left is the front of the house and two big windows. On both walls that the door is on, we have Robbie and my wardrobe and dressers. So the space has worked out really well, and Bean has their own little corner.

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^This little shelf is above Bean’s dresser. I made the little garland with yarn, and I also made the picture in the frame with just a simple Pages program, incorporating the same colours, geometric shapes and a familiar Dr. Seuss phrase :)

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^Here’s a close-up of the board figures from Robbie’s family. On the middle one, there’s a line on the green wagon that says “1979”. I love true vintage stuff that is sentimental like this. I am really thankful for how we were able to incorporate these.

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^We got these little bins from IKEA. They’re great for nappy/diaper stuff, and we have a third one in the living room with some children’s books. I can’t believe how cute and tiny Bean’s newborn nappies are!

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^This is a close up of the pom-pom garland I made. I found the tutorial for it here, and I planted myself on the couch with the yarn, materials and Cupcake Wars and found it to be a very relaxing little project.

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^I found this idea on Pinterest a long time ago, and when I went back through my Pinterest board with the colours in mind from the board figures, this stood out to me immediately. I figured I could recreate the idea on my own, and I already had the frames. I LOVE how this turned out, and I find myself singing this song quite a lot now.

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^Here’s another view of the dresser and shelf. The changing mat is a bit makeshift at the moment, and I’d like to get one that fits a little better on the dresser. I have a good part of this one shoved around the back – otherwise, it hangs way over the edge. We found a great deal on the dresser from GumTree (like Craigslist), and it’s worked perfectly for all of Bean’s things.

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^Here’s Bean’s cot with the mobile above it. I’m not sure I have the patience for any future children to get mobile’s haha. The actual making of it wasn’t hard, and I did that at the same time I made pom-pom garland. Hanging it + working with fishing wire = a whole other story. We got it sorted, though, and I really do love it. Robbie painted the cot after we got it, and it works so well in the space.

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^Here’s a close-up of the mobile. I made the pom-poms and attached to a string, and I hung those from a silver ring that I found at a local craft store. Such an inexpensive but cute project!

Bean's Corner - Creating a unique space in our bedroom for our new baby! #baby #newborn #babysroom

^Even though this little elephant doesn’t match the colours, I don’t care because I love it. It’s just too cute to not include. I’m hoping to take photos each month after Bean is born and use this little elephant as a size comparison so we can see Bean grow. :)

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