Dear 2 Front Teeth

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Dear 2 Front Teeth,

A couple months ago, we caught you peeking through our windows. I think you thought we wouldn’t notice, but we saw. We noticed. We even got excited because contrary to what you may believe, we actually cannot wait to meet you.

It was a little rude, though, you RSVP-ing to the party with such a large window for your arrival. Typically a week or so would be challenging, but a window of a few months – it’s just quite inconsiderate.

More than that, though, we’ve continually caught you peeking in the window, toying with our emotions every time. We think, “Oh! Maybe they’ll knock on the door and come in.” But no. Sadly, you just keep hiding.

Why are you afraid? Why are you tormenting us so?

Even though we have never met, we feel like we have known you forever. You’ve made quite the impression on our little one – that is for certain! You can get her worked up more than just about anything.

To be honest, she might be more excited to meet you than we are! She might be too little to know it, though.

I wanted to write this letter to reiterate that you are welcome here in this world with us. It seems from all your peek-a-boo games that you are quite shy. There’s nothing to be afraid of, I promise!

It’s really lovely out here. We will take very good care of you, and you will feel incredibly celebrated, let me tell you! I mean,

We will show you off.

We will cheer for you.

Everyone will be so happy to see you.

We beg you, please just come over and stay put. It’s really better this way!

Desperate Parents of Your Future Residence

*Obviously satirical

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