Eight Months With Eleanor

The past month with Eleanor has been so full and exciting. It feels like she’s changed so, so much and hit many milestones. Now here we are 2/3 of the way to her first birthday. I am blown away.


Highlights and Milestones

One night Robbie was trying to show Eleanor how to clap. He sat with her for about 5 minutes, clapping and saying “YAYYYYY!” She was smiling and excited watching him. The next morning, we were at staff meeting, and Eleanor was sitting on my lap. Everyone clapped and cheered for something that was said, and all of a sudden, Eleanor joins in! We were so surprised that she picked it up so quickly, and suddenly we were asking ourselves what else we could teach her. We decided to work on waving next, and she picked that up fairly quickly as well. I will say this, though – it has to be Eleanor’s idea. She will not do it on demand.

I can’t remember if I wrote this last month, but this month has been FULL of blowing raspberries. She will do it for 20 minutes off and on at a time, and it cracks us up. She has such serious eyes as she does it as if she is concentrating really hard on the sound.


Eleanor tried the swings at the local park for the first time this month, and she loved it! We put up the swing she got for Christmas in our backyard, but we have to adjust the anchor point so it swings a little better. She really enjoys gliding through the air, though. She has also started sitting up in the bathtub by herself now rather than using the little baby lounger. She really loves her baths. She enjoys all of the toys and splashing. I am also really impressed with how well she handles water being poured over her head. She’s never really cried when we’ve done it. What a good girl!

Eleanor went to her first kid’s birthday party, and she loved it. Her friend Essie turned one a couple weeks ago, and they threw a Unicorn themed party. Eleanor really enjoys watching other little kids, so this was a lot of fun for her.

IMG_6991  IMG_6993

One of the biggest highlights of the month was finally hearing a full on belly laugh from Eleanor. We got two sets of these – one with laughing at Lilly while she was jumping and falling over on our bed, and the other was laughing at the sweetest, fluffiest 6-week old puppy. It was so cute to see her find such enjoyment in these things, and I found myself replaying the videos for days after. It’s one thing to see a video with a baby belly laughing, but it’s a whole new world when it’s your own baby. #addictedtoherlaugh

IMG_6998  IMG_7000

Another highlight this month was watching how well Eleanor and Lilly interact together. It’s so sweet. Lilly is going to be a big sister in a few months, and she’s already proving that she’ll do a good job. She kisses Eleanor and sits by her. She’ll whisper little baby talk in her ear. It’s very sweet to watch.

A major, major, major milestone this month is that Eleanor F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got her first tooth. I’m not sure if you read my goofy story at the beginning of this month, but we were so desperate for her teeth to come through. It seemed like they were taking forever, and one morning, we finally felt it just above the surface. It’s coming up more and more each day, and now I believe the one next to it is just at the surface, too. YAY for teeth! You can see a good shot of her tooth below.


Overall, it seems like the world becomes more and more alive to them as they get older. Eleanor notices everything. She’s always looking around and curious.



  • FOOD! Her favourites are Baby Mum Mum crackers, rice crackers, raisins and these little veggie crisps. She can also down a little puree food pouch in about 10 seconds. She’s very interested in everything we eat, too.
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Jumping (in her exersaucer, on the bed, etc.)
  • Other little kids
  • Swimming
  • Baths
  • Hair
  • Hats
  • Any toy that sings or talks to her
  • Watching videos of herself
  • Being thrown in the air
  • Being tickled, but more the anticipation of being tickled
  • Apple juice!
  • Talking on Facetime

IMG_7024  IMG_7025


  • Having her face wiped, especially if she has a runny nose
  • Formula – tried to give her one supplemented bottle…she h.a.t.e.s it
  • The sun in her eyes
  • Occasionally, she really dislikes having her clothes changed
  • Majorly dislikes sunscreen and getting ready for swimming
  • When I leave the room


How Am I Doing?

Aside from this particular day (I have a head cold), I am doing really good. This past month, Robbie and I did the Whole 30 (you can read about that here and here), I’ve continued working out, Eleanor is sleeping better – I am feeling so much stronger and healthy than I have in a long time. I think post-pregnancy it’s particularly exciting when your old clothes start fitting again. It sort of feels like Christmas, and I would say 98% of my clothes fit me again. The other 2% is more because my shape is a bit different after having a baby. I am around the same weight I was when I found out I was pregnant.

I am really enjoying Eleanor at this age. I have enjoyed her at every age, but I am finding it just gets better and better. She’s interacting so much more, and I am enjoying all the new things she is learning.

Because Eleanor’s bedtime is a lot more predictable, it also frees up some nights for Robbie and me. We are about halfway through a course our church is running called Circle of Security. It’s a parenting course, and it’s been such a blessing to do this together. We generally put Eleanor to bed before we leave, and then a friend, or more recently my Dad, will sit at home with her while she’s sleeping. We’ve also gone on a couple dates, which has been so fun!

We are in a fun and good place with our little family. This month we’ve just started is particularly exciting, too, because my Dad is with us until the end of March.

Until next month!

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