Eleanor-isms // July 2017

I am totally stealing this idea from one of my favourite blogs – Love Taza – but now that Eleanor is talking so much, I really want to remember some of the funny things she is saying and doing.

Eleanor-isms: the funny sayings and doings of Eleanor Hazel, 2-years-old.

A couple weeks ago, we were coming home from church, and this preggo lady was so hungry. I said, “Mommmmmy is hunnnnngry” in a sing-song sort of way, and without missing a beat, Eleanor follows along and sings “Lella hunnnnng-y tooooooooo.”

Since returning from holidays, Eleanor’s endurance/capacity to entertain herself has exploded, and she’s also loving her toys that she had missed for a month. One of her current favs is her play kitchen and picnic basket. Often, she will bring us a cup and saucer or a plate and say “One you. One me!” Hers is always “really hawwwt” and she will warn us to “touch it, k?” while she motions over the cup. She also does this with the oven cabinet of her kitchen, motioning “really hawwwt k? Touch it k?”

Another one of her favourites is her stuffed animals and pillows in the corner of her room. She is often rocking them to sleep and singing “Sunshine away you, sunshine away you,” which is her version of “You are My Sunshine”, the song I sing to her before naps. She also seems to think that anything can take a nap, and we are often finding all sorts of random objects “asleep” on the pillows in her room. Some examples of those random objects include remotes, the baby monitor, her play phone, and even her last bite of toast…

Eleanor is having “pic – its” all day long these days. We call them picnics, but she’s pretty convinced they’re called “pic -its”. She wants you to have a “pic – it” with her often, and she will get it all set up and occasionally even let you eat the food.

Leading up to her birthday, Eleanor often told us it was her birthday soon. “Everybody sing me!” she would tell us, and then she would start singing “Happy Birthday Lellllllla” to herself.

We also have told her that “Gaga and Papaw” (my parents) will come on an airplane when the baby boy comes out. She has since told everyone that “Baby boy growing. Baby boy come out. Hold him arm. Zoom on the airplane and Gaga and Papaw come see me!” I think she’s maybe convinced that the baby is coming on an airplane. If only it were that easy right?

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  1. Terri July 10, 2017 at 9:54 am - Reply

    You will love that you have memorialized these later on. She does have quite the imagination!!!

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