Four Months With Otis

Otis’s fourth month began on Christmas Eve and included time in Tulsa with family, his first LONG car ride (Eleanor’s too!), settling into his new home in Indianapolis and learning (and forgetting) how to roll over.

Highlights & Milestones

A major highlight that I guess started during his third month and continued into his fourth month was getting to meet and spend time with family. We were in Tulsa until a few days after Christmas, and it was so sweet to have everyone on Robbie’s side meet Otis.

Otis had his first Christmas, and although he’s too young to remember anything, it’s always fun to celebrate holidays together as a family. After Christmas, we drove up to Indiana – about a 10 hour drive – and Otis did surprisingly well. I was actually dreading this trip and ready for it to be awful, but both kids surprised me. I think because we were on highways and constantly moving, he slept much better.

Once we arrived in Indianapolis, we quickly realized that keeping an infant warm in these kinds of temperatures was new territory. Definitely not the “winters” of Australia anymore! We decided to get him a capsule (yay coupons!) with a cover over it so he would stay warm and not have to get in and out of the car seat outside. It has been life changing – for real! It was never necessary in Australia, but it has helped us feel like we can actually go places even when it’s cold. He seems to do a lot better in it as well. PLUS, it has adaptors for the stroller, so if we are running errands, I can just pop him in the stroller (or even just a shopping cart). It’s made life a million times easier!

Otis continued learning to use his voice and gave us some “pre-giggles” – the giggles that almost start but get caught by hiccups. Any parents know what I’m talking about there? It happened with both Eleanor and Otis.

A major milestone for Otis this month was rolling from his tummy to his back for the first time. We really worked on tummy time, and he started to get stronger with holding his head and shoulders up. Then one day, he decided to roll over. Funny enough, just like Eleanor, he only did it for that day or two and then hasn’t done it since. Eleanor did the same thing and figured out rolling the other way before doing belly to back again.

He started to hang out in his activity center, and I think he really liked to be able to see everyone. He didn’t interact a ton with the toys, and he only barely did some jumps. I think being able to see was the highlight, though. The chair affectionally became the “pooping chair” again because just like his big sister, he tends to have major blowouts when sitting in the chair.

We got a bumbo seat for him, but the boy really just wants to stand up. He wants to jump all the time! He does seem to be entertained by toys more, however. The little mat on the floor that has the toys above him seems to be a hit.


  • Big Sister Eleanor is his favorite!
  • Jumping
  • Cuddles
  • Highway Car Rides
  • New carseat
  • His grey giraffe stuffed animal
  • Green crinkle elephant toy
  • The lights in the kitchen
  • Gaga and Papaw
  • Activity floor mat
  • Ceiling fans!
  • Sitting up
  • Chewing on his fingers/sucking his thumb
  • Bright colors


  • Stop-and-go Car Rides
  • Being hungry

How Am I Doing?

This month involved Christmas, which I loved. It seemed so cozy and quaint this year. That is, after the horrible stomach bug swept through Eleanor, Robbie and then finally me on Christmas Eve. Fortunately it took a brief hiatus before hitting Deborah a couple days after Christmas! We had a great Christmas, though, and then we drove up to Indianapolis. I was shocked that the car ride went as smoothly as it did.

A lot of this month was settling into our new home in Indianapolis. We are currently living with my parents as we get settled and set a foundation for our future, and they have really gone out of their way to make room for us. We are so grateful, and it’s helped the transition go infinitely smoother. Not to mention – built-in babysitters are kind of wonderful, especially when your kids adore them! We took care of a lot of logistics – unpacking, health insurance, drivers license, bank accounts, etc. We enjoyed the slowness as well.

Otis was still waking a lot at night at this point, and it was starting to wear on me. We wanted to start working on it, but we felt to wait until he was about four months. I’ll update more on that in the next update.

Overall, this was a good month, even with all the changes. Otis and Eleanor settling well made it a lot easier on me because that was one of the harder parts of transition. I am thankful the year started off as well as it did, though!

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