Friday Fun #4

Happy Friday!

  • This week has been SO crazy full. It’s been full of great things, but full, nonetheless. Yesterday, I woke up and felt the ramifications of a full week and stayed home for a little while. I think sometimes I forget I’m pregnant (as far as my pace goes) until one day my body reminds me! I felt better by late afternoon, though.
  • We are having Debrief Week this week, which is why it has been so full. Debrief Week is the final week of a DTS where all the students return from their outreaches, debrief their experience, have their commissioning night (like a graduation) and such. I love Debrief Week because there’s such excitement and fun in the air. There are people everywhere (62ish people just returned!), and everyone is excited to see each other and to tell stories from outreach. It’s really fun.


  • For me personally, I’ve been doing stuff with Debrief Weeks for about 3 years now I think. I love working with Debrief Week. The two main things I do are Debrief one-on-ones – each returning student sits down with us and chats through their last few months and how they’re going. We really want to make sure everyone is finishing up strong and leaving under the best terms. Then I teach on re-entry with Fred. This is currently my favourite thing to teach on a regular basis. I love it, and it’s so much fun to work with Fred. One small area we cover is what I wrote about here, here and here about going through God’s “Beautiful Process”.
  • Tuesday was Robbie and my 3-year anniversary. We made dinner together, and I think sometime this weekend, we may do a little dessert date.


  • Also on Tuesday, I went for my first midwife appt. My Dr referred me to the midwives, and I got a call on Monday asking if I could come in for my first appointment tomorrow. So on Tuesday, which after Monday would be tomorrow, I show up at the right time, only to wait an hour. Everyone disappeared, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do or how long to wait. All that said – the lady who called on Monday must have gotten confused on her dates so in saying tomorrow, she actually meant Wednesday. Buh buh…
  • So on Wednesday, I went for my first midwife appt. :) It was really lovely, and it is making things feel more and more real (and soon!). This appointment was the initial “booking in” appt. so it’s not the midwife I’ll be assigned to for the rest of my time. This lady was great, though. She was very nice and encouraging and sent me home with a little packet of information. Also, she was able to look up my Glucose Test results, which were all completely normal. YAY!
  • Today is a slower day, and I am SO thankful. I am thankful that it’s slower, but I am also thankful that it’s slower today specifically because it’s supposed to be quite hot. The further I get into pregnancy, the more I am SO grateful this baby is coming in winter. These random hot days where summer is trying to sneak back in are pretty rough for me! I’m excited for a nice cold iced latte!
  • Although today is supposed to be very warm, autumn will reclaim its rightful spot tomorrow and Sunday. Hello 22-23 degrees!

How is your Friday?

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  1. Gracie March 20, 2015 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Loved the update!
    My Friday is tomorrow, and it is the last day of school before Spring Break! After the break there is only 4 weeks of classes left and then summer school! So tomorrow is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end! Haha! :P
    Miss you!

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