Friday Fun #5

Happy Friday! Today has been great, and it’s not even 10am! I woke up slightly cold, which is a great improvement to waking up warm because our house is warm. Fall is really starting to show itself, and I am loving it!

  • Last weekend was decently busy, but it was full of good things. We had a brunch with our ministry team for one of our girls who has since headed home. We had pancakes and fruit and lattes. It rained, and we had the doors open. It was awesome.

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  • That same night, we had a farewell for that same beautiful friend and her husband – Zack and Faith – who have spent the last 6 years here with YWAM Newcastle. They’re an incredible couple who love God and people so beautifully! I cannot wait to see all the ways God continues to use them as they continue with YWAM in the US for the next season. The farewell party was a karaoke-90’s-wedding-themed party, and it was so fun! I wish I would have taken a video of my husband dancing because it’s definitely something special.
  • On Monday, we had a pretty relaxing day. We went to the park/beach for a hangout, and it was perfect weather. We also had our first Birth and Parenting class on Monday night, which I’ll share more about in my next pregnancy update.
  • The week has gone by pretty fast actually. On Tuesday, I blitzed some of my Phase One homework that was due yesterday, and it felt so good to check so much off my list. Yay for productivity!
  • Last night Robbie and I made dinner together. We got a free box from Hello Fresh, which from what I understand is pretty similar to Blue Apron in the US. We made one meal last week when we first got it and our second meal last night. It was so yum!


  • This baby takes after its father – I am pretty sure there is a constant dance party in my belly these days. So bizarre feeling!
  • I also finished reading Bossypants this week, and I absolutely loved it. It was laugh-out-loud funny. I loved reading more about Tina Fey’s background and story, as well as some of the background of shows and SNL skits that I’ve seen for years but didn’t know the story behind. I am now watching 30 Rock because of this book, and I think it’s hilarious.
  • Speaking of hilarious – two Netflix related things – Netflix is now in Australia. Pretty crazy. And, if you have Netflix, you have to watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s a Netflix original with Ellie Kemper, also known as Erin from The Office. It’s the most ridiculous but hilarious show ever! It sort of makes Indiana out to be a total country cornfield (which is not my experience of Indy at all!), but alas, it’s so funny so I am ok with it.

How’s your Friday?

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