Happy Australia Day!

Today we celebrated Australia Day! It feels more significant than ever this year considering we are only a few months from applying for our citizenship, not to mention the fact that our daughter is already an Aussie citizen. Speaking of Eleanor, I couldn’t pass up this little tank top the other day for her first Australia Day as a citizen! She may not look that impressed, but I assure you, she was indeed very impressed with all things Australia Day.


We grabbed our beach gear and headed to the ocean with our good friends Jaso and Emily and their two kids, Ollie and Esther. Eleanor has been to the beach once before, but she was so little at the time that she probably didn’t even know she was anywhere different. Today was a totally different story.

I took Eleanor swimming last week a couple times, and after she got used to the initial shock of the “not-as-warm-as-a-bath” water, she LOVED it. She had this cheeky little grin that morphed into her full-blown cheesin’ smile. She splashed and kicked her legs.

I was anxious to see what she would think of the Canoe Pool – a natural beach “kiddie pool” – near Newcastle beach. I was also curious what she would think of the sand. Her newfound skill of sitting unassisted came in handy as we set her down in the inch of water. She LOVED it. :) Here’s some more photos of the beautiful day we had today!

IMG_6652  IMG_6659

^Eleanor has been doing this goofy cheesing smile lately when she’s super happy. I’ll be sad when it’s no longer the gummy, baby smile (if her teeth ever come in – I feel like they’ve been sitting beneath the surface for about a month!)




^This is the Canoe Pool. It’s such a good spot for kiddos, and I will definitely bring Eleanor back more this summer. The weather was absolutely perfect for the beach, too. It was not too hot and nice and sunny!

IMG_6665 IMG_6664

^Esther and Ollie are pros at the beach!



^Eleanor passed out after the beach while we walked to get coffee on Hunter Street.



^Ollie and Esther were curious about my camera, so I snapped their photos and showed them.


^Post apple, sandwich and babycino!


^Of course when you’re that close you have to get Dougheads!

It was such a fun day celebrating Australia, this land that we’ve met and started our family, committed to, grown in and met some of our best friends in. We love Australia so much!

Happy Australia Day!!!

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