Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my beautiful Mom’s birthday, so I thought since I can’t be with her in person, I would just write a nice little post about her.

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My mom is an incredible mom, and I think, probably like many, you recognize how incredible they are with every passing year because of your own life experiences. When you’re a kid, you can know your mom is awesome, but until you’re an adult, you don’t know the same depth that you can really start to understand as you go through similar situations. When you get married, when you have children, when you start working full-time, when you’re away from home, when you have to make hard decisions – you start to see parents in a different way.

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My mom was born in 19…ok I won’t go there. She may not appreciate that. ;) She’s the 2nd of 6 children, and one thing I have known about my mom and seen modelled is how much she is a family woman! She loves family. She fights for family. She supports family. Growing up with 5 siblings has to encourage this I am sure, but I think it’s also a deep value for her.

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My mom is not afraid of hard work. If you know anything about her and all the hard work she has put into getting where she is today, you would know that “hard work” could be her middle name. She is passionate, determined, and persevering. The last time I was home I had her take the Strengths Finders test. We have all of our staff take it, and it’s very informative about how a person operates. I was convinced that she would get “activator” as one of her strengths, which is basically a person that can think fast and make things happen…they make quick decisions. My mom, at least by my own observation, is definitely an activator. She didn’t get this in her results, however. She got “achiever”, and when I posted about it, one of my leaders in YWAM commented that “achievers” are very similar to “activators” but they actually finish the job, not just start it. Aha. Ok yep that makes sense. She definitely works hard, pushes boundaries, achieves things that others think (or have in fact stated) are impossible. Now she has major influence within her career – she has mounds of experience, leadership and influence. Yep, that’s my mom.

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My mom is all about relationship and traditions. She loves interior decorating, and she’s always keen to make things better and rearrange our house. I am just like her in this way, and my Dad and my husband love us so much for this :) Although she is not afraid of change and new things, she also loves traditions, and you see that come out during holidays. Probably more than 10 years ago now, my mom started a tradition of hosting an annual “Christmas Ornament Party”. Everyone brings an ornament wrapped up, picks a number, and then we proceed with (always changing) white elephant gift exchange rules. The party is fun of course, but I love how inclusive my mom has made it. I think I have met someone new every time I have been to one, and I was so glad to be there for the party this past December. She also goes crazy for Christmas decorations, and it was fun to watch her do that this year for the first time in her new house. It was so beautiful.

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My mom is goofy and fun and confident. She hums all around the house, and she’ll make the occasional “blonde” comments that we give her a hard time for. Overall, though, she knows how to have fun. For as hard as she works, she also knows how to relax and enjoy the moment. She loves exploring new things, going new places and meeting new people.

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My mom has a soft heart. She is emotional (in a good way), and she’ll cry in a movie or at a book. She feels things for others, and she is always willing to stand with them. She is always growing and learning and bettering herself.

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My mom has taught me so much over my lifetime. Of course like any relationship, we’ve had our “moments”, but I am so thankful for them because we are so much stronger now. I love her friendship.

Love you, Mom! I hope you have the best birthday ever!

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