Happy… Spring, September, Fall!

Pardon my absence over the last month. August sort of got away with me, and while I did think about the blog, it felt like something I couldn’t quite grab ahold of in the midst of the busyness.

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August was great, however. I saw breakthroughs at work that I’ll write about this month. I felt breakthroughs with God through new revelations of His heart, which I also plan to write about. I turned 28. That was pretty good. It felt different this year – I actually felt “28” when I had my birthday. I want to write about that, too.

Today, though, I am stopping and saying,

Happy September!

Happy Spring! (Southern Hemisphere)

Happy (almost) Fall! (Northern Hemisphere)

I love seasons. I love how God created them, and today was such a perfect and blessed day to start Spring and September. While this month will only get busier as it goes, today started with peace and rest and fun and relationship. I loved every bit of it.

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I want to create more of that around me, and I am determined to be more intentional about it…and so many other things. (Another blog post — I promise this is a post, not a planning session ha!)

What is your favourite thing about September or Spring or Fall or New Seasons?

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