Hello 2017

Nearing 2017 sort of felt like when you’re ascending the hill on a roller coaster and you know you’re almost to the top but can’t quite see it until all of the sudden the force of the front of the car pulls you into it. I knew 2017 was near, especially as we got into December, but this past week or so sort of took me away with it. I think I thought it would go slower because we were out of our normal routine. It didn’t, though, and now it’s January 1st!

Happy New Year!

I really enjoyed 2016 despite what seems to be the consensus online. There were challenges, of course, like any other year, but the truth is there was a whole lot of good as well. I learned a lot, and Einstein’s famous quote, “the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know” keeps getting truer and truer. I laughed a lot. I cried a bit. I sang and danced and thought and prayed. It was a good year, but just like any other year, I am ready for the fresh reality of a new year. It’s a beautiful truth to reflect on the fact that God created us to operate in seasons – from calendar seasons with a new year and even a new day, all the way to personal seasons you walk through as you go about life.

Robbie and I have been praying and chatting a lot about so much lately. There are many things to think and pray through at the moment, and at times, I can feel overwhelmed by that. Have you ever been hanging out with someone, and as you respond to their situation, you find yourself relearning or teaching yourself what you’re communicating to them? That happened to me this past week. In the midst of being overwhelmed, I remembered that these seasons are always worth it because we learn and grow. We navigate life a bit more, learn more about God and ourselves and each other, and we hopefully come out at some point with some victories in the midst of the tired eyes and battle wounds.

When I think about 2017, what comes to mind is the idea of “being intentional”. It’s something that I’ll admit has been a bit challenging for me personally since becoming a mum. I find I can “let life happen” all too quickly, and then suddenly another month has gone by. I want to be more intentional in the day-to-day, in what I am choosing to spend my time doing, in how I engage with the people around me (especially Robbie and Eleanor), and in what I invest my heart and my mind into. I’ve all too often used my “tiredness” as an excuse to give away my time carelessly doing nothing or things that don’t add anything to my life. I don’t necessarily think any of these things are bad in and of themselves, but it’s become my routine. I want to change that and make my hours and days and years count.

I am still forming all my goals or hopes or resolutions (or whatever you want to call them) for this year, and I am allowing myself a little extra time and room to intentionally think them through. I don’t want to let the calendar decide for me, but instead, I am letting it serve as a small reminder to be intentional as I process these things. Stay tuned for more details on some of my goals for 2017, as well as an 18-month update about Eleanor.

I hope you have enjoyed the past couple months of holidays with your friends and family, and I pray you are feeling hopeful for the New Year!

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