I’m Still Here!

I haven’t written for awhile. I’ve been aware of that, and if I am honest, I have so much that I’ve been wanting to write lately. I’ve tried to go easy on myself, though, since becoming pregnant. Second pregnancies are a different ballgame than first pregnancies. I’ve gotten through the first trimester, and all things considered (and knowing how incredibly hard it is for some people), I got through it pretty well. The nausea is gone now, which I am really grateful for. However, pretty much the week the first trimester finished, I got a sinus infection, and it has been so unbelievably painful for the past two+ weeks. It was just a sinus infection to begin with, but a little over a week ago, the pressure built up so much that I’ve had migraines day after day. I have an incredible amount of empathy for people who have migraines regularly. It has knocked me out, and it’s been so discouraging to not see much improvement until now. Obviously when you’re pregnant, you aren’t able to to take as much in the way of medication, so I haven’t been able to do any decongestants. My Dr. has given my a list of things to do and take in the meantime, most helpful being a very strong (but totally ok for pregnancy) pain medication. Thankfully yesterday was the first day I felt somewhat normal again. I am hopeful this will continue and that my sinuses are finally on the mend.

That being said, I haven’t written, and I have wanted to write so much. I have had thoughts, and I’ve wanted to put together updates. I haven’t written anything about this new baby in my belly, and I am so aware of just how much I wrote throughout the journey with Eleanor and how easy it will be to do nothing by comparison this time around. Life is busier. My sister put together this beautiful book for Eleanor’s 1st birthday, though, and a large part of it was all I had written through the journey here on the blog. I want that for this baby. I am still determining the appropriate balance for this new season of being pregnant a second time around and still honouring the journey as its own for this new little bean.

I am hopeful for the coming weeks that I will get fully past this sinus infection and be able to get a bit more of a routine happening. I am so desperate to workout again – something I’ve probably only done a handful of times since finding out I was pregnant. I am so keen to go for long walks outside again with Eleanor now that the weather is so beautiful and not sweltering hot. There are so many things I am looking forward to in the coming weeks.

As I sat down to write this post, I was trying to figure out what all I wanted to say. Then I realised that I really don’t need to say all that much but just reiterate that this blog is still alive. It’s been quiet, but my hope is to get back into the swing of things now. I am planning to answer questions about the pregnancy this time around like I did when we announced I was pregnant with Eleanor. I would like to do pregnancy recaps again but nowhere near as often. I am planning for monthly at this point. I’ll probably do a recap of the first trimester, and you’ll hopefully see a 21-month (!) update on Miss Eleanor soon. I am also planning to write a bit about my plans with photography, which is something I mentioned at the start of the year as one of my hopes for this year. So stay tuned for much more from me, and hopefully today’s reprieve from a migraine (after 10+ days straight) is a sign of things to come!

Love you guys! And as always, thank you for taking the time to read what I write here.

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