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Life lately based on my iPhone’s perspective…aka iPhone photos! :)

IMG_1279Meet Gracie. She’s amazing, and I had the privilege of having her as a part of the Director’s Office team for the past year. She just finished up her time with us and is heading off on the next adventure God has for her. Love this girl and miss her heaps!!

IMG_1289Happy April! I was really happy for this month…maybe because it’s feeling more and more life fall?!?! YAY scarf season!

IMG_1259I intend to write a post soon about my love/hate relationship with running, but this is a photo of a “love” day!

IMG_1292My husband got this recently at a Google Seminar, and he’s kindly passed it my way. It’s now full of ideas for this blog! I’m loving dedicating an entire notebook just to this blog, rather than hoping I remember what I thought of last Tuesday during a meeting… ;)

IMG_1298A lovely Sunday arvo last week working on our ministry website. Nice bowl of soup and blinds open – always a plus in our hot kitchen!

IMG_1301A fun DIY project last week. I kept seeing Instagram magnets advertised on Facebook, and I felt like I could create my own without the price tag. I really enjoyed putting these together, and I hope to make more to fill up that entire top section.

IMG_1296I am a total “Kate” fan…I will not hide! Haha I snapped this photo from the newspaper the other day so I could follow their tour in NZ and Australia! This is by far the closest I’ve ever gotten to her timeless style!

IMG_1304Last Tuesday, they were working on some electrical stuff at our house, so our power was out during the normal “getting ready” hours of the morning. Robbie and I headed down the street to a new cafe called Side Pocket and enjoyed a spontaneous morning date!

IMG_1326Our first Public Meeting of the new quarter, and leave it to David and Fred to be full of shenanigans. They’re always hilarious, but at the end of the day, it all served the message…which was so good!

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