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Do you ever feel like you have so many areas in your life that need your attention? Almost the minute you give attention to one, you start thinking about the next until suddenly it all just feels like too much? How could I possibly get anything done, let alone everything?

I’ve been feeling that way this week, and I think part of it is that the week is going so differently than I anticipated. Last week, Robbie was away in Townsville, and I taught for the whole week on our School of Innovative Youth Ministry (SOIYM). We also had Eleanor’s first swim lesson and her 1-year dr checkup, which included her 1-year vaccinations. To top it all off, Eleanor was still dealing with disrupted sleep from our travels and getting her top two teeth and showing a bit of interest in dropping to one nap. It was a lot in one week to say the least.

I loved teaching, and I am SO grateful for the opportunity and glad I did it. However, on Friday when I finished and went to get Eleanor, I felt like I could take a deep breath. My friend Debi put it so perfectly – “These are the weeks that give you so, so much life BUT are also the most life draining at the same time.” SO TRUE!

Robbie came home on Sunday, and when I woke up Sunday morning, I wasn’t met with the excitement of my husband returning but rather a lovely cold. Then Robbie’s flight was delayed, and he didn’t end up arriving until around 8pm. Eleanor was already in bed, and he had to wait until the next morning to see her new skill – SHE’S WALKING!!!

On Monday night, Eleanor threw up. Then three more times on Tuesday, and right as she got better, my sinus congestion made it’s way to my throat and left me with a nagging cough that is only now starting to settle down.

I don’t write all this to complain because even in the midst of the hard parts, there have been many more wonderful ones. I am more writing to process where things are at. I am trying to get Eleanor back on track with sleeping, so I am reading new things pertaining to her age, as well as rereading old stuff I read the first time we worked with her on sleep. We are also doing renovations on our house soon to add a second bedroom for Eleanor (!!!), so I am thinking through all of that – furniture, paint, selling and buying, NBN boxes and more. I am also really wanting to work on our eating and planning food prep and meal times more as we’ve gotten back. To say we had a lot of sugar while on our trip home would be a MASSIVE understatement. I am thinking about our budget, and going on dates with Robbie, and hanging out with my girl friends, and exercising more regularly, and figuring out my role on base, and fundraising for upcoming things. SO many things to think through.

When Eleanor naps, I generally do one of three things. One – if she’s been sleeping particularly terribly or I am not feeling well, I nap too. Two – rush around the house cleaning and tidying things so I don’t have to do it while she’s awake. Three – work on other things (ministry, budget/finances, blog, etc.). What I don’t always do and what I desperately need to do more is to just stop and sit. To pray or listen to worship music. To write. To read a good book. Two of my three options are go, go, go, and the third is rarely used anymore.

I used to write so much more. I journaled nearly every day, and I blogged regularly. It was such an outlet for me. It hasn’t happened as much in the last couple years, and I really want it to change. Evaluating the why is helping me get back to that.

So hopefully you will hear more from me. I don’t have the monthly elephant photos and updates of Eleanor to keep me going, even though I do still plan to write about her and post photos. I want to write more, and I think I actually need it, too.

I’ll finish with that and leave you with a bunch of photos of the past couple weeks. :)


^Ok I don’t know what it is about this photo, but smiley face with heart eyes times a million. I think it’s her sweet little lips and great big eyes, and she’s 1 you guys!


^Second 1st Birthday Party cake…I liked the other one better :)


^My friend Sai made these cookies, and I think I could have eaten a dozen by myself. SO good!


^The theme of Eleanor’s second 1st birthday party was POLKA DOTS! Robbie quickly told me it should be “spheres” because I wasn’t just doing polka dots. I say, “Potatooo, Potaaaato”.


^The Elephant Photos! I am going to post a separate post just with these 12. I love looking at them side by side.



Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.53.23 pm

^It was so special that Papaw could be here for both parties, and I just love this little photo.


^Not afraid of the see-through floor box…


^Alright so my sister made this book for Eleanor’s birthday back in the States. Total surprise to me. It may look like another photo book, but it is SO much more than that. It contains my entire blog from the beginning when we first chatted all about getting pregnant to the ultrasounds, her birth story, monthly updates, and more. I started tearing up in the moment and had to move on to the next present with Eleanor. It’s so special, and I am very grateful for all the time she spent putting this together. Thank you, Lis!!!


^Eleanor has started swim lessons (Thanks Aunt Deborah and Uncle Givenski!), and although her first lesson was a bit rough (hello crying through 85%), her second was great. It still included lots of cuddles with mumma along the way, though! Eleanor’s instructor, Mags, is next to me in the photo.


^Listening to instructions and Eleanor holding on to the edge like a champ.



^Eleanor and Daddy played in the little play space at the gym/pool while I got changed and put all our wet stuff away. She thought these little holes were pretty much the coolest thing ever. She climbed in and out of them a million times.


^Robbie shared at our first Public Meeting of the year! ::heart eyes::


^Eleanor hugging her baby doll from Aunt Kristie. She has a love-hate relationship with this baby doll – hugging one second and banging her head against the ground the next. We’ll work on it… ;)

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.52.42 pm

^The morning after Daddy came home. Eleanor was so happy to see him…but definitely not as much as I was!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.53.14 pm

^Doing the fish face again! I am SO happy that she remembered how to do this from months ago.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.53.38 pm

^Checking out a new park. She actually wasn’t that interested in the park as much as she was by the dogs the kept walking by. She started walking this past week, and it’s so cool to explore the world with her in a new way now!

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