Nesting Ashley vs. Pregnant Ashley

Nesting is no joke. It’s been ramping up so much in the last few weeks, and my pre-baby to-do list seems to just grow and grow and grow. I feel like I’ve gotten things done, but as I sit in a room or organize an area, I think of more. We don’t have a huge house at all, so my sympathy goes out to the moms with many rooms to work through.

I have noticed that there is this battle that seems to come with nesting, though. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s the back pain. However, it’s this incredible battle between “Nesting Ashley” and “Pregnant Ashley”. Now I understand that obviously “Nesting Ashley” is pregnant, but “Nesting Ashley” has energy and is determined and is stubborn. That being said, “Pregnant Ashley” seems to be the winner every time.

The other night, I was sitting at home after work – well I was laying down, let’s be honest – and I looked across the room and saw our hutch. This hutch was one of our first purchases as a married couple from GumTree. I love this hutch, and from day one of having it, I have had great dreams of painting it a beautiful colour. Then I went back and forth several times about the colour. AND then, 3+ years went by, and it’s still not painted. So there’s that.


However, I was looking at it the other night, and another part of it that’s on my to-do list is going through it and cleaning/organising it. It seems to be the place in our house that collects everything random. Two drawers and two cabinets full of stuff. There’s stuff that we intentionally decided to put in there, and then there’s everything else. Everything else that’s just found its way inside because it doesn’t belong anywhere else.

So I’m laying on the couch, resting – “Pregnant Ashley” in all her tired, achy glory – and “Nesting Ashley” arrives with grandeur, convinces “Pregnant Ashley” to go take a walk for awhile and takes over. I grab an empty tub that we just got to put some stuff into, I pull out the first drawer, and I begin.

“Why do we still have this?”

“Seriously…this is a drawer, not a trashcan…why did I put this in here?”

“Aww that was a sweet card…”

Some of the thoughts as I go through this drawer. I start making piles – one pile for stuff that has a place somewhere else in the house but got confused, one pile for stuff to keep in this drawer, and one pile for rubbish.

I finish clearing out the drawer, put the stuff that belongs in it back inside and place it back into the hutch. Then I got up to grab a drink, and when I came back into the living room, “Pregnant Ashley” had returned from her walk early. Let me just reiterate that for as much as “Nesting Ashley” may be determined and stubborn, “Pregnant Ashley” is that times 100. So she won, and I laid back on the couch…achy back and tired.

Then Robbie came home.

“Nesting Ashley” and “Pregnant Ashley” are at odds. They are both in various ways inflicting their needs onto dear husband, so I went with the “Pregnant Ashley” sorry face and declared that I had started but got tired.

It’s an interesting little battle these days. Time is running out, and there’s still a lot to do on “Nesting Ashley’s” to-do list. However, “Pregnant Ashley” is only getting more pregnant. This belly is LARGE and IN CHARGE. It’s a wonder I don’t fall forward – it just keeps sticking out more and more. I suppose I just need to continue making room for both – both need to be welcome.

So this is the life of a pregnant girl with nesting issues in case you were ever wondering. :)

P.s. I’d like to tell you that I did finish the second drawer that night after I had a little break and the dear husband went through his other box as well. Yay for team effort!

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