Out of the Attic: God Doesn’t Fit in a Box

Every so often, I’m going to pull a post “out of the attic”. It may be an old post that’s already on this website, or like the one below, it may be a post that I wrote long before this blog for something else. Here’s an “out of the attic” post from about 2 years ago.


“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. “

A.W. Tozer
I’ve been thinking a lot about the character of God lately. Lately may be an understatement as this has for the most part been my largest revelation over the past three years, but I’ve particularly been thinking in terms of communicating the character of God lately. Translating those revelations into teaching.


One of my favorite things is as you explore something to teach, you normally end up learning even more than you’d bargained for…which is good.


Three years ago I ventured to this lovely land of Australia – no clue what was in store over the next six months (let alone three years). I came to do a DTS, and if I had to sum up my DTS, I would say that God really fought for me to have a right view of Him. I became a Christian when I was nearly 15, and after going to a pretty conservative church throughout high school and then to a pretty conservative uni for the following four years…well that can do a number on your view of God I reckon. So I came here, and I brought God with me…I brought Him with me in His nice, neat, little box. That little box allowed me to say who God was, what He can do…it was very limiting, but at the time, my vast ::sarcasm:: theological knowledge could not understand this.


On my DTS, the way God fought for me to have a right view of Himself was by bridging the gap between my head and my heart.


There was a Grand Canyon sized gap between the two that resulted in being led by my head…cold, dry, empty. Caleb Brownhill once said on my DTS,
“Theology is not what motivates our daily lives…knowing God’s character and believing it is what really transforms our actions.”


How true is this! I wish I could shout this revelation from the rooftops!


One crucial revelation came the week of “Holy Spirit”. After all that conservative teaching in my background, Holy Spirit as I experienced or witnessed here…that was a bit much. I was confused and even angry. “This is not what I have been taught for the last four years,” was my critical argument. It hurts when you think one way for awhile and then suddenly it’s being challenged. It’s no walk in the park.


One of my staff pulled me aside, though, and she posed a question that I can now bring to any situation. She told me to go away with God and ask this question,


“Am I upset because God is saying that this is wrong, or am I upset because something I’ve believed to be true isn’t actually the truth, or at least not the fullness of the truth.”


boxWhen you’re faced with these situations…after you eat your humble pie (this must happen first) then comes this beautiful and stunning revelation. God suddenly isn’t contained in a box. Your understanding is that hey, I have A LOT to learn.


I could write a list of all the character qualities of God that I know, and I am certain if talking with friends over these qualities, we’d have endless stories of how we’ve personally witnessed these in our own lives. The beauty of God – it’s not the stuff of history books…it’s living, breathing, everyday truth. The bigger lesson, though, is where you start. Can we really begin knowing His character if we aren’t willing to see that he’s incomparable, indescribable, uncontainable (let’s all sing together hehe)?


There’s always more to learn, and I am truly thankful for that now. :)


Have you ever felt like you’ve put God in a box? How did He break out of it and show you His magnitude?

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May 21, 2014|Revelations|1 Comment

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  1. Tina Berry May 23, 2014 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    I often feel like i put God in a box. I sometimes like to pray out for God to help me not be so close minded and to help me to think of him in a limitless way…if that makes sense. I love that we will never know everything about God because it always keeps us hungering and thirsting for more of him. Personally I love that I don’t know everything about God, it makes life a journey rather then a destination we arrive at. We just have to be able to trust in who God says He is. Thanks for the great post Ashley.

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