Photo Shoot // Eleanor Hazel // Butterfly

A couple weeks ago my mom hosted a virtual baby shower for Eleanor and me, and we FaceTimed in to see everyone and watch my niece open the presents. Then this week my parents came out for a visit and brought everything with them. We got so much stuff for little Eleanor, and I cannot wait to have her wear all the clothes and bows as she grows into them.

One of the presents we got from my sister was a crochet butterfly to take photos with. Like I said in the last post, I am so excited to have a little model to take all sorts of photos with.

This afternoon, we were hanging out, and my mom mentioned that we needed to do those photos soon. It was about 4:30pm, and I ran quickly to our bedroom with my camera to see how the lighting was. It looked great, so we got Eleanor and started snapping away. Both my parents and friend Hayley were all making noises and trying to get Eleanor to smile. She did so well. (Minus peeing all over the white blanket at the end…I guess it’s a give and take when you make them pose naked right?)







(Below) This one sort of looks like she dove into the bed, but she was just wriggling around a lot and making funny faces :)


IMG_5808  IMG_5811


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