Radio Silence // Where Have I Been?

Hellllllooooo! (Picture Mrs. Doubtfire w/pie on her face…haha) It’s been a while since I have written anything, even though in some regards it seems like my last post and trip to Sydney was just yesterday. The past two months have been crazy and full and productive and tiring and

[insert 100 more adjectives]. I have wanted to write, but there was nothing coming out of me. At the end of each busy day, my brain didn’t have anything else to offer. So, I cut myself some slack and determined that although I wasn’t writing, I was still very committed to this blog and would soon write again!

So at that, I say hello! Good to see you!

You may wonder why things were so busy since my last post? What filled all of that time? In short…

Ammari (day 1)-3932

The ship tour that I wrote about here happened. Pretty much since I took that trip up to Townsville to prepare for it, life has been busy. All the build up to the ship’s arrival was full – planning, meeting, emailing, planning, etc. Then the ship arrived, and it was as if the already full “dial” got turned up 10 more notches. It was all-day, everyday for several weeks. Even after the ship departed, we headed straight to Base Retreat (which I plan to write about soon), and the week following that was still decently full. I had a slower week in between before I headed this past week to Melbourne for our National Leaders Meeting (NLM), which I also plan to write about.

As I was flying to Melbourne last Monday, I thought about the blog, and I felt “it”. I felt that stir to write again, to brainstorm, to unlock the creative side that releases so much of my core and heart and desires. I planned 6 posts that I am hoping to write before Robbie and I head to the States for holidays in a couple weeks. So this radio silence is turning into rock-n-roll!

Thanks for sticking with me and for reading – hopefully you’ll have a lot more to read now!!!

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