The last couple of weeks sort of got away with me, and it seemed there was something on almost every day. I keep having these thoughts to write, but they’re a bit brief and disconnected, probably because of the busy schedule. Rather than pretending they may all “come together” (hello baby brain, mum brain, etc), I decided to just run with it and do all the brief and disconnected thoughts together. So hopefully you can follow my scattered brain along and catch a bit of an update of how things are going over here with the Willinghams.

I love August so much, and it sort of blows my mind that it’s already halfway over. However, my birthday is only a couple of days away, so that makes it a tad bit more exciting (and is probably why I like the month so much anyway). I will be 3-1 on Friday, so as my friend Jess puts it – now I’m just “in my 30’s”. That’s one way to think of it I suppose. I have enjoyed this decade so far, though, so I am excited to continue in my 30’s and to see all that God has in store.

I went on Monday to get my hair done as a birthday gift. Going to get your hair done, no matter the outcome, is such a treat for a mom. I enjoyed spending a few hours getting it all worked on, washed and blow dried. It was a nice treat. I am not super thrilled with the result – more just underwhelmed I suppose. It sort of feels like a very mild version of what I asked for, but it looks very natural and healthy so that’s a plus. I have a tiny bit of birthday money left that I am saving for a pedicure with my friend in a few weeks who is also pregnant and due two days before me.

Speaking of pregnancy, I am 34 weeks today. It dawned on me several days ago that the end is approaching quicker than I realised and there is still a lot to do to prepare for baby. I am one of those people that once I get all the thoughts out of my head and onto paper I feel much better, so I spent a little time working on that on Sunday. We worked on our room on Sunday as well to make a little space for the bassinet, and I washed all the baby’s clothes yesterday. There really isn’t as much to do as the first time around, but I am more just recognising that time goes a bit quicker when you already have one kid running around and before I know it, I’ll be considered “full-term”.

Full-term. Early. Late. That has been on my mind so much lately. It’s hard to know with any pregnancy when you’ll have the baby. The due date is more of an indicator, and often people leave off the first word “estimated”. With your second, it’s hard to know if you should expect something similar to your first, in which case he would come early, or to expect something totally different. With Eleanor, even though I was preparing for her to be late, I had a gut feeling she would come the first week of July, which she did. I have no such gut feeling this time. That being said, nowhere in my brain has it registered that this baby could actually come in October (my due date is September 27). Hopefully that means that even if he is late, he won’t be too late. My parents arrive on the 25th, so my hope is that he comes within a week of that on either side.

I have my next appointment on Saturday. I haven’t had nearly as many appointments this time around, which is sort of nice, but it also means I forget just how quickly it’s going! I am excited to hear his heartbeat again and see how things are progressing, though. I am so grateful that my pregnancy has been as good as it has been. It’s not perfect obviously, and there are things that are more difficult this time (aka a million more braxton hicks the second time around). However, I am feeling really great for being 34 weeks along, and I don’t remember feeling this well when I was pregnant with Eleanor.

Part of all of that has been starting my Plexus journey. I have been taking my Plexus supplements for about 6 weeks now, and I have noticed such incredible improvements with my health. Even though I am tired by the end of the day, I have so much energy throughout the day. I have had almost no swelling at all, and I am still wearing my wedding rings at 34 weeks. My allergies are nearly gone, which is the biggest improvement for sure. I am not sneezing all day every day and going through boxes of tissues every week. If I have to blow my nose, it’s a one and done and good to go. I can smell things again, something Robbie pointed out when I smelled Eleanor’s dirty diaper the other week. I can breathe with my mouth closed, especially at night which is so nice. Overall, I feel great considering I am nearing the last month+ of pregnancy and should be feeling worse. I am grateful for learning about these products and have never been more convinced of the connection between gut health and our overall well-being!

In the busyness of everything, I am still working on a complete overhaul and rebrand of this space here. It’s taken many shapes over the years, but I have more vision for the future of this space than ever before. It will be different, and my hope is to include photography as well. I am trying to pace out the release of the new look and feel and brand, though, because I am taking a lot of intentional time discovering how to do this well into the future. Plus…I am having a baby soon so there’s that. Look for that in the future, though.

Finally, I am so conflicted with all that I am seeing in the news and on social media as of late. Being from the US and living in Australia, both with major things happening at the moment, have made all sources of news and social media feel so full-on and overwhelming. I am incredibly saddened by what I am seeing in the US. I am at a loss, and I have found that really and truly, the biggest thing I can do right at this moment is to pray for change. Pray for love to conquer evil. Pray for positive stories and change. I’ll leave it at that. I just couldn’t write a post about everything that is running through my brain without mentioning that.

So that’s life right now. Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be a bit more predicability and time in the schedule to publish a few posts I have in the works. As always, thanks for reading and staying connected!

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