Rearranging Rooms

Growing up, I would often wake up on a Saturday morning to some Celine Dion or Yanni and my mom rearranging our living room, or her office, or the spare bedroom. She always had a new idea for the rooms, and I grew to appreciate the fresh feeling that inevitably followed the new setup.

As I young kid, I adopted this mindset – always walking into a room and thinking how it could be moved around or changed. Here’s an embarrassing story for you – – when I was in 2nd grade, I didn’t like how my desk was, so I moved it around. Yep…it goes back that far!

Now here I am 20 years later, an adult with my own little flat and a husband who has a special look for when I get a new idea. I appreciate that Robbie doesn’t make decisions quickly and likes to be convinced or think things through. It’s a nice balance for my activator self that probably makes decisions a wee bit too fast.

As we are thinking through setting up our flat for our upcoming addition, I find myself thinking so differently. I am thinking about our coffee table that has a glass top and searching for Pinterest hacks to make it safer. I am thinking about space — oh space. My love for NYC helps me to be excited about small spaces in a great city. I love Newcastle, and I think our little flat will be just perfect for the three of us.

All of that to say, we recently rearranged our living room. We also swapped photos to get rid of the giant white wall that’s driven me crazy since we’ve moved in, we got a new little bookshelf from our friends, and we finally got the lighting right. I also did some new bunting out of encyclopaedia pages, got some new photos in a picture frame and added some little trinkets from some of my travels that my parents sent in the last package. The two major things left to do in this room is to paint the hutch (I am ashamed to admit we still haven’t painted it…it’s been about 3 years), and to hack our coffee table so it’s safer for kids. Overall, though, we really like the setup so much more. Take a look!


*This was what it looked like most recently, even though this particular picture is from a few years ago. I didn’t have a picture more recent with the setup the way it was.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.02.25 pm






//Fun fact about this little chalkboard – it was my great grandmother’s that she did her school work on. Think Little Women and when Amy drops her chalkboard in the snow with her math problems all worked out. Yep – it’s legit vintage and one of my favourite things!









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