Seeing Our Little Bean

Yesterday Robbie and I went in for our 20-week ultrasound. We got in – well I got in…Robbie had to deal with the terrible parking and was a little late – and she asked me what my due date was and matched it with my previous scan from about 7 weeks.

Then she put the jelly on my belly and got to work. They have a gel warmer, btw, which is awesome! So different than what all the movies say – “This will be a bit cold.” As she started moving the wand around, my cute little bean came to life.

The technicians have a list that they go through during a 20-week scan, and they are extremely thorough, checking every little bit of babe’s body. As long as everything goes well, it’s the only scan I’ll have for the rest of the pregnancy.

She started on the face and the brain. It was unreal. She pointed out the cerebellum and the other parts of the brain. She showed me the eye sockets and where the lenses were. There was a cute little glance at bean’s mouth and nose – the cutest nose I think I’ve ever seen. Then she got a few snaps of the profile. Bean kept putting their hands to their face – maybe they’re shy. Here’s a couple of the profile – one with their little mouth open about to suck their thumb.



She continued on, going through every little thing. When she first started, after about 10 seconds I panicked and was like, “Oh wait, wait, wait! We don’t want to know the gender!” Haha she thought that was funny and said she wasn’t near there so I wouldn’t see anything.

She continued on her detailed look of Bean – heart, stomach, kidneys, size of tummy and head, leg bones, toes, arms, shoulder blades, fingers, thumbs. It was so cool getting such a detailed look at our little cutie. Then she went to the heart, which is a lot more complex than say, the thigh bone. She spent a bit of time looking at it from every angle, and everything was perfect.

She went to the spine next, which probably blew me away the most. It’s so intricate – as intricate as you’d think of your own spine – and it’s my babe’s spine! I was so amazed by this.

Everything was perfect and healthy. There were a couple measurements that were a couple weeks ahead, but she said that’s really normal because around 20 weeks babies normally go through a growth spurt. The rest were exactly right with my dates. Bean is 385 grams, which is about 13 ounces! So tiny!!!

It was encouraging and exciting and thrilling to see our little one and to have pictures now. I literally cannot stop looking at them, dreaming of meeting Bean. He or she was so active in there while she was scanning everything, and it was pretty cute to watch.

I am so thankful for this technology. I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to go through this journey, and I am so thankful for our little cutie. I mean, really – isn’t that the cutest little profile you’ve ever seen?


P.s. I am a bit of a self-confessed grammar nazi, and I am aware that it’s not grammatically correct to say “they” when I am referring to one person. However, I am breaking the rules to avoid calling Bean “it”. Just thought I’d clarify for fellow grammar nazis – I know a few of you read this ;)

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