The Fear of the Lord is…

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I read My Utmost For His Highest for August 1, and I also read Proverbs 1. It was a good way to finish off the first day of the month, and as I was reading these different things, multiple sections, paragraphs or verses stood out with this common response coming from my heart – “I could write about that”.

Wow, God. Wow.

Writing is something I have always loved, and as I mentioned in this post, it’s one of those things that has ebbed and flowed over the years. It’s something that about a year or so ago, in the midst of getting myself out of the box I had put myself in with my role, I felt God say to me that he would redeem. Redeem he has! I feel so inspired lately, and I am praying and praying that God will continue this excitement in me.

After reading those things last night, I wrapped up by creating a new note in my phone to store ideas as they come. I think that’s half the battle with being consistent in writing – not coming up with ideas but actually remembering them when you sit down at your computer.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…” Proverbs 1:7

I read this last night, and I have probably read it multiple times. Proverbs is splashed with insight about what the fear of the Lord is, but this particular night, as I read that, I pondered it a bit more than usual.

In ten short words, it is basically implying that until we have the fear of the Lord, we haven’t begun having knowledge. I think what was different for me when I read it last night is that for some reason it came out in a very mathematical, “if…then…” sort of way, which when I read things does not normally happen. (This may shock some of you but organizational skills do not necessarily mean that’s how I operate or think all the time – it’s actually quite the opposite for me). Nonetheless, I read it, and it was simplified in a beautiful and challenging way.

If you want knowledge, you need the fear of the Lord. When you have the fear of the Lord, you will have knowledge. It’s incredibly insightful and helpful because who doesn’t want knowledge? Everyone wants knowledge; they want insight and understanding. The fear of the Lord, though? That has this stigma, particularly if you’re unaware of what this means, and people generally don’t want it.

What does the fear of the Lord mean? I believe the fear of the Lord is two things:

1) Complete reverence and awe of God
2) Hatred of sin

The fear of the Lord makes room for our sinful nature to be molded more like Jesus’ perfectly holy nature. The fear of the Lord, in very simple terms, is awesome. I didn’t always think so, but the week on my DTS four years ago that I finally grasped this in a new way, radically changed my entire life. It’s awesome.

What do you think the fear of the Lord means? What was the single greatest revelation you have had in the fear of the Lord?

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