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Good morning! Do you have a “case of the Mondays”? Well I am going to attempt every week, albeit in a small way, to make your Monday just a little bit better by having a regular feature called “The Mondays”.

Every Monday, I will post ’5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Week’. Now, maybe that won’t appeal to everyone, but overall, I’ve noticed that for me, I get really excited when I have blogs to read at the start of each week. Sometimes the weekend is so crazy, though, and that’s the last thing that blog writers want to do amidst the busyness of a Monday.

I’m committing, though! I am going to do this every Monday, and hopefully the positive and excited nature of the post will get you excited for your week as well! Join me in the comments and let me know what you’re looking forward to each week. In fact, sometimes, what we are looking forward to can benefit someone else – i.e. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie…and suddenly you realise you’re also excited for that movie and had forgotten it was coming out this week. Catch my drift?

So without further ado, here is my very first “The Mondays” post!

1) The New Quarter I work here at YWAM Newcastle, and every quarter we have a fresh intake of new students from all over the world. I am so excited to meet them! We have 17 arriving today in fact. We have students from the US, Australia, New Zealand and Germany! It will definitely be a different pace from the last quarter when we welcomed 50 new students, but it’s a nice shift, particularly with the fact that in many other ways this is going to be a super busy quarter!

2) Daylight Savings Time Ok technically, it happened last week since we changed yesterday, but I’m really going to reap the “benefits” this week. It’s been so dark up until around 7:15 in the morning, making my attempt to get back into running all but impossible. I definitely do not like running in the dark. So, now that Daylight Savings Time has happened, it’s going to get lighter much earlier…well at least for the time being. We are in fall after all. (After living in Australia for nearly 5 years, I’m still not quite used to being in the Southern Hemisphere and having opposite seasons.)

3) Running I’m hoping by writing this, it will kind of ‘seal the deal’ with my schedule and ability to wake up to do this. About a year and a half ago, I got really into running. I’d wake up a few mornings each week and go for a run, following the ever-popular C25K app. I loved meeting goals and seeing my endurance improve. Then something shifted, still not sure what it was, and suddenly, I wasn’t running anymore. I don’t think I gave the habit enough time to fully form. The truth is when I actually do it, I love it. I love running. It’s the lacing up my sneakers and getting out there that seems to not work so well. I am determined, though. It’s gonna happen! (Stay tuned!)

4) Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal I’m not entirely sure how it ended up that the 3 main shows I keep up with all come out on the same night every week. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship I have with that. I love that all of a sudden…BAM…3 new shows to watch. It’s like getting a HUGE gift all at once. On the other hand, it’s sad once I have watched said shows and then the waiting begins again. I mean really, a week isn’t that long to wait, but these shows have been so great this season.

 5) House Sitting At the end of the week, Robbie and I are going to house sit at some friends’ house. We did this around Christmas/New Years, and it was so much fun! It’s closer into town and right by the water. Plus, there’s the cutest dog in the world that we get to hang out with. I can’t wait :)

Well there you have it! My first ever “The Mondays” blog! Hope you enjoyed and hope it makes you think of positive ways to look forward to your week as well! :)

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