The Mondays – V

Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great start of your week! It’s quite cold in Newie today. We whipped out our flannel sheets and heater yesterday, which feels like an 8-hour bear hug. Love flannel sheets!

Here’s what I am looking forward to this week…

1) Cinco de Mayo! Happy MAY 5! Guzman y Gomez, our favourite burrito place here in Newie, has a special Cinco de Mayo celebration with $5 burritos! You just can’t go wrong :) Guzman was started by an American who came to Australia and recognised the need for authentic Mexican food! He married an Aussie lady, and then opened up the first Guzman store in Sydney. Now, there are restaurants all over Australia, and every time a new restaurant opens, they have “FREE BURRITO DAY”! About a year and a half ago, when they finally came to Newie, Robbie and I won a radio contest and got 30 free burrito vouchers. We love this place, what can I say! :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.32.35 pm

2) Normal Week Last week was so full that I feel like I am still recovering. It was a great week no doubt, but it was pretty tiring. I am really looking forward to this week being relatively low key and normal! One small highlight from last week that I’ll throw in was on Saturday night going to see Divergent. The movie was great. I am glad I read the books first, and I am looking forward to future movies! Read my review of the books here.

3) Cold Weather It’s feeling like winter here, which for the winter loving girl in me is awesome. I love winter clothes. Even though winter isn’t officially here for a few more weeks, I am happy that we are getting the cooler temps now. Bring out the scarves! One thing I love about this time of year in particular is the amazing sunsets we get almost every night. The photo at the top is one from a week or two ago! So beautiful!

4) Speaking at Public Meeting I was going to speak our weekly Public Meeting last week, but since we took the spontaneous trip up north, I’ll be speaking this week. I am looking forward to the opportunity and still putting the final bits in what I’m going to share.

5) Mothers Day No, no I am not a mother myself (and I’m not pregnant…don’t get any ideas!), but I do love celebrating mums! My mum is amazing, and even though I am halfway around the world, I love that technology still allows us to chat face to face. I also love the Mother’s Day celebrations at church. They always do such a great job at honouring!

What are you looking forward to this week?


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