The Mondays – VI

Happy Monday! Last week was a great, normal week. I had many fun moments, and I am excited for the fun moments to come this week.  My moments this week are all about people!

1) Pastor Sue Tomorrow our pastor is stopping by the warehouse for a meeting about Robbie and my involvement at church. A few months ago we switched to the night service and are really keen to get involved in some way. I am excited to figure that out, but I am also just really excited to hang out with Sue. She’s such an awesome woman of faith and leader!

2) Adrian, Scott + Team Last year we had a building team from Melbourne come and work on the warehouse. On that team was an awesome landscaping duo – Adrian and his apprentice, Scott. They totally transformed our backyard. It was unbelievable and such a blessing! Well, he and a new team are back again this week. I am not entirely sure what they’re working on, but he’s such a lovely guy. He is full of ideas and creativity, and I’m glad we get to hang out again.

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3) Jill Bills I haven’t actually met Jill Bills, but she is the wife of John Bills who came to the base last
year and the daughter of Joy Dawson, a YWAM pioneer and major authority on several topics, including the fear of the Lord. Jill is coming to teach on the DTS this week, and then next week she’ll be running a DTS Workshop. On Wednesday night, she’ll also be sharing at our weekly Public Mtg. I am really excited to meet her and see her husband again. They’ve been in missions for nearly 40 years, which is so incredible!394948_10150668630892020_359587520_n

4) Kristie My beautiful, far-away sister will be turning…wait is she going to kill me for posting that? ;) Well let’s just say this – my beautiful, far-away sister is having a birthday on Thursday, and although I am far away and can’t actually remember the last time we were in person for one anothers birthdays, I am still so happy to celebrate her. She is an amazing sister, wife, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker – everyone she rubs shoulders with is blessed by her! Happy Birthday Kristie! I hope your day is full of blessings!!!

1553408_10151828990431905_71705127_o5) Hayley Hayley Noelle Campbell. Legend. Hayley, or as I call her “Flopsa”, is one of my best friends here in Australia. We have been great friends pretty much since my DTS when she led my work duties. It was all fun and shenanigans, and I very quickly recognised the gem she is! Flopsa will be turning the big 2-8 on Friday, and I am so excited to celebrate her life this week! We are going to hang out and watch a little Grey’s tomorrow night, one of the many things we enjoy doing together. Happy Birthday Flopsa!

6) John Bills
Like I mentioned earlier, John Bills is Jill’s husband, and they’ll be here this week. John will be speaking on the DTS next week, and this week he will be doing a lot of one-on-ones and meeting with different groups, as well as teaching a Grief & Mourning Seminar all day on Saturday. John is a major authority in the areas of trauma counselling, grief counselling, aids relief and so much more. It’s such a privilege when people like him are a part of our base for a week or two because we get to really see first hand a life completely dedicated to God and his work.

There are so many people that I love, and I feel so privileged to say that they’re literally all over the world. There are definitely many sacrifices as a missionary, but one of the greatest blessings is the abundance of relationships around the globe! Thank you Lord!

What are you looking forward to this week? Are there any special people you’re celebrating?


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