The Mondays – VII

Happy Monday! Today is definitely Monday. I was parking my car this morning, and as I went to get out, the car kept moving. Parking break! I felt like George Banks from Father of the Bride Part 2. I love that movie! We were chatting about it last night as well – I think I need to watch it again soon.

Father of the Bride Driving on Make A Gif

Now back to your regularly scheduled program – what am I looking forward to this week?

1) Worship with My Husband It’s been awhile since I have been on the worship team while my husband is leading. I generally am just on once per roster, and I am leading. I’m so excited for this, though. It’s always such a good time to practice together and be together in something we both enjoy so much. It’s such a privilege to be a part of an organisation that values this enough to start the week off this way. Speaking of worship – one of the best authorities on the topic of worship that I know personally is Kevin Norris, and he has a blog dedicated to the topic. You should definitely check it out.

2) STS The Staff Training Seminar starts this week for the quarter, and I am excited to see 5 (6?) new staff get equipped and started in missions. My good friend Tina has started leading this area since the beginning of this year, and it makes my heart so full to see her do this to the fullest that it should be done. It’s going so well, and I can’t wait to see how these new staff get really engaged and equipped. I also get to teach on Friday afternoon about The Importance of Personal Well-Being – always something I’m learning more and more of even as I teach. 

539713_10152069188090110_1776203491_n3) Carrie Stephenson Since May seems to be the month of birthdays, I cannot skip this wonderful lady! Carrie is our Base Director’s wife, and to put a more specific title on her role would be nearly impossible because she seems to do it all. She never ceases to amaze me, not just with her capacity to handle so much at once but the joy with which she does it all. She loves Jesus wholeheartedly, and it is very evident in everything she does. She is a beautiful woman of God, a fantastic mother, a delightful friend and an encouraging co-worker. I’ve had the privilege of working more closely with her in these past few years as I have been in the Director’s Office, and I would have it no other way. Happy Birthday Carrie! Enjoy the whole week!

4) Last Week of “New Episodes” This may sound a bit silly, but I am actually looking forward to the Northern Hemisphere’s summer season because that means there isn’t a feeling of needing to “catch up” each week on current shows. They all take a break and so shall I! I am looking forward to it for no other reason than finding something new to fill that time. One thing I definitely want to do more of is read. I don’t have a good habit of it currently, which I feel is sad because I do love reading. Hmmm further on this topic to come…

Stevie's Birthday-01

5) Stevie’s Birthday Party! Stevie, very nonchalantly, asked some of us to host his birthday party, which was funny, but also a privilege because he’s a great guy. He’s turning 30 this Friday, and we are celebrating on Sunday arvo. I’m trying to think a bit creatively about what all this birthday bash will include, but hopefully I’ll have some fun photos to add next week.

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  1. Tina Berry May 23, 2014 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    Love it Ashley! Really love the Stevie is turning 30 banner! Also, thanks for the shout out. I am blessed to be led by such an awesome God loving woman! hint hint.

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