The One Where I Talk About My Plans

Hello, Hello! Happy Tuesday! I am trying to steal a quick minute while Otis is napping and Eleanor is [hopefully] having some quiet time to write a post about my plans. What sort of plans? All sorts of plans actually, but I am going to limit them to the blog specifically for this post.

I am in a really funny season right now. We have moved from Australia, and we’ve been here for about six months. Robbie has had a job now for over a month, and he’s loving it. In the six months we have been here, my mind and heart have been a little all over the place. However, in the last month in particular, I am starting to get a bit more clarity.

This “in-between” can be quite unsettling, lemme-tell-ya! I have felt pretty unsettled at different points, and I really hate that feeling. I think most of us hate that feeling. I am generally a Type-A person, and I love clarity. I love to know what I am doing. I have never thrived in that “in-between”. However, I think it’s really necessary. If we never had the “in-between”, we would never get from Point A to Point B. We wouldn’t grow. Growth requires growing pains, though, and they’re not fun.

So I’m here. I’m in the “in-between”, but I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I am seeing some new perspective, and I am getting some exciting vision moving forward. Here are some things you can expect to see in this space in the days ahead.

Expect to see more posts.

I have said that, and I have had the best of intentions when saying that in the past. Full disclosure – starting things and finishing them is sometimes a weakness for me, particularly if it is a personal discipline area. It’s something I am acutely aware of, and it’s something I am desperate to grow in and see change. So I am going to say it again, even though I feel like I need more faith in myself to actually believe I will do that. First things first, though, and I am going to communicate my intention and follow it up with commitment and discipline!

Expect to see more honesty.

Whew! That’s one of the things that keeps me from posting. Fear. We are all aware of how vicious the online world can be, and in the past this has stopped me from posting so many posts. I have opinions, just like the next person, that some will agree with and some will not. The ones who don’t agree with me and would potentially be very vocal in their disagreement as we see quite often – those are the ones who have kept me silent. Fear is no leader, though. Fear is the enemy trying to silence us. Trying to convince me that it will be too hard, that people will be too mean, that I am not resilient enough for this. All lies. Another lie I have believed? I don’t have anything to say that’s not already been said. Whoa – that’s a hard one because blogging, photography, a lot of these things I have in my heart to do – the market is decently saturated with them all. However, this is a lie because no one else on this planet is Ashley Willingham. No one else has my experiences or my calling from God or my revelations. More than that, though, I have been reminded on several occasions that this is absolutely worth it and necessary when I’ve received messages or emails from others about how I have helped them in some way. That’s so important to me. That’s why I am doing this.

Expect to see things “under construction.”

I am learning a lot right now about running a business, writing, photography. I am experimenting and playing around with colours and fonts and photos. It may take awhile for the dust to settle and the construction to be complete, but I am not going to wait for everything to be perfect to write. I need to write, and I need to press on towards this call God has put on my heart.

Expect to see womanhood, marriage, motherhood and family.

These are my most important themes that I have on my heart to write about. I hope to be honest and share from a place of vulnerability about these seasons – the good, the hard, the funny. I want to cultivate a community online (and here in Indianapolis) of women who love and serve and honour one another. I want to create a sense of “with-ness” – we are in this together, God is with us, we can do it. I want to write about the beauty and the challenges of being a wife and a mom. They are the two things I’ve wanted to be for my entire life, and here I am, doing it. Some days it is r-o-u-g-h, and some days it is so good that I cannot believe I am this fortunate!

There you have it. I have written these down to serve as a roadmap of where we are going. There is SO much more in the works – in my heart for the future and for this space and community. I will reveal those as they are ready, but for now, I hope you’re encouraged, I hope you laugh, and I hope you feel supported!


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May 22, 2018|Random|5 Comments


  1. Christy Yoder May 23, 2018 at 9:37 am - Reply

    Proud of and excited for you, Ash! Love watching your journey unfold online, and also LOVE that you guys are so (relatively) close to us now! Maybe a visit is in order at some point? ;) Love and miss ya, beautiful!

    • Ashley Willingham May 23, 2018 at 10:03 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much Christy! I really appreciate that, and I am super excited for the future (lots of dreaming over here!). I hope you guys are doing well! Definitely let us know if you’re ever in Indy!!! Where are you guys these days???

      • Christy Yoder June 4, 2018 at 10:48 am

        Hey, lady! Sorry I didn’t see this comment before now! :) We’re still in Lancaster, PA, but always praying and considering where God might have us next. So we’re not terribly far away (about an 8.5 to 9 hour drive)! We should FaceTime sometime soon! I’d love to see your face and catch up! <3

  2. Christy Isaac May 22, 2018 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    Good for you, Ashley! I’m looking forward to reading all you have to share!

    • Ashley Willingham May 23, 2018 at 10:03 pm - Reply

      Thank you Christy! (I just realised that both comments are from Christy’s hahah!) I appreciate your friendship and support!

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