The Tufty Hidey Hole

Robbie and I love going to cafes on our days off, hanging out or reading, and enjoying a nice capp or latte. Today, I stumbled upon a website that reviews cafes. You just enter the city, and it’ll come up with some of the top cafes in that city.

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And just because I like sharing interesting finds, the whole reason I stumbled upon this website was because of an another article I saw a month ago about “28 Reasons to Visit Newcastle, NSW”. This is my city, folks, and if you are far away and want to come visit me, here’s 28 more reasons to come (aside from seeing me of course hehe).

Alright so this brings me back to the main point of this post – trying a new cafe. We drove over near Marketown to try a cafe that is somewhat new (I think) but had great reviews called “The Edwards”. We drove over, paid for parking and alas, they were closed.

Buh buh…

Because we had paid for parking, we were particularly determined to stay in the area. I turned around, and amidst some industrial buildings, I see this cute little window…what could only be a cafe!

So we ventured in to find they were still open and ready to make us a coffee! I loved the decor of the place, and the coffee was pretty great, too! They used Glee Coffee, which is a pretty well-known roaster in Newcastle.

Here’s some fun photos of our surprise find – The Tufty Hidey Hole.









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