Thoughts + Things #2

—> This week is crazy. A good crazy. I worked on writing out everything that I had to do, remember, prepare, attend, etc. last weekend, and it’s gotten even fuller since then. About 75% of it is social activities, though, and even though I am physically exhausted at this point, I am loving it. I am so thankful for friends!

—> I can’t stop looking at that photo of Eleanor above. I was trying to get her to stand still so I could snap a photo of her outfit for Aunt Stephanie, but that’s about as good as I could get when all of her friends were already running around playing. It was a happy accident because I am so obsessed with this photo. AND, Aunt Stephanie picked out a great outfit, even if it took Eleanor a year to fit into it!

—> I fiiiiiiiinally figured out the right temperature, timing and covering for my cherry pie. My Dad taught me how to make the famous Kinney pies several years ago, but since living in Australia with our particular oven, I haven’t been able to get it just right. It was either too done on top and still runny inside or overdone. We have a fan forced oven, so it makes a pretty big difference whenever I use it. I almost always have to cut down on cooking time or the temp. This week, I have made 3 cherry pies, and fortunately, the first one came out just right. I was then able to write down the combination that made it come out right, and I think the rest came out just right as well!

—> Gilmore Girls is SOOOOOOOOOOON! That’s all. Can’t contain my excitement.

—> Ok actually one more thing on Gilmore Girls. If you search “Gilmore Girls Party” on Pinterest, it’s insane how many results come up linking to blogs and articles on how to host the best Gilmore Girls themed party! I may have taken a tip or two from one of these for Saturday night.

—> Remember when I posted about our Charlie Brown tree and how we were waiting until after Christmas to get new stuff, when everything is on sale? Did I actually mention that in that post? Anyway, we were wanting to get some new stuff, especially now that we have a bit more space, but it’s really not in our budget this year to do so. We decided if we could save a little over the next month or so, we could snatch up a bunch after Christmas when everything is on sale. We still plan to do that, BUT I just got a great, new-to-us tree for free!!! I will get it tomorrow. It’s at least another foot taller than ours, but it’s much, much fuller. I can’t wait. Now, we can also suss out who would like a small tree that we have and pass it along :) I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

—> I am going to Mums & Kids at our church in the morning, and it’s Pamper Morning. It’s going to be amazing. Enough said. (***hopefully Eleanor will be happy with others long enough for me to get pampered? Or maybe half pampered?)

—> Alright folks, I am so tired. Going to bed now! Good night, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family back home!!! LOVE YOU! MISS YOU!

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