Thoughts + Things #3

Hello friends and happy December. If someone could please help me understand how it’s already December that would be great.

This week has been a bit slower than last week, and for that, I am very grateful.

I’ve worked out 3x so far this week, and even though I am paying for last week, which consisted of zero gym going and mucho junk food eating, it feels good to be back at it. It’s a good sore, which I like. I am really grateful that exercise has finally become a habit for me. I think for about 12 years (since the wonderful world of organised sports in high school), I haven’t been able to truly solidify an exercising habit in my life. I had bouts of different things – running, gym, workout videos, etc. – but nothing stuck longer than a month or two. I’ve now been going to the gym relatively consistently for the past year, and I am loving it. I think there’s a point where it goes from being a chore to something you look forward to because you see and feel the benefits. I can tell when I don’t workout that I am much more tired. The biggest key to my success in forming this habit? Accountability. Having a friend to go with has made all the difference!

I made play dough for Eleanor this week, and she’s getting really into it. We were at some friends’ house last week, and they had homemade play dough. It seems to do better than what you buy in store, and I like that I know exactly what’s in it since Eleanor still likes to have a little taste here and there. The only downside is that in order to do the colours, you are basically signing up for rainbow dyed hands for at least a day or more. Worth it, though, in my opinion!



Tomorrow morning we are having some family photos done. I am excited and nervous. I am excited because the last time we had family photos done, Eleanor was completely different. She was 5 months old, and although she was smiling and happy in the photos, she will be far more interactive this time around. I am also excited because I felt quite self-conscious about those photos. I still had all my baby weight + more at the time, and I can see in my face that I don’t look or feel good about myself. I don’t have any crazy ideas that I have a perfect body – far from it – but I feel comfortable in my own skin now. Not just from working out but from having been at this parenting thing just a little bit longer. When Eleanor was 5 months, I was still quite frazzled and frail (especially from her 4 month episode that she had to go to hospital for). I am thankful for time and friends and experience – not always easy but definitely worth it. Hopefully the photos will turn out well, and we can use one for our Christmas cards!

It’s super hot today. A month or so ago, I was saying how I was actually kind of excited for summer to come and all the cool outdoor activities. Then…it got hot, and I remembered why I prefer all the other seasons. That being said, it is fun when there is water involved, and Eleanor really loves the water this year. I am hoping to try out a local pool soon that my friends say is amazing. Maybe next week?

Next week is Debrief Week for the July DTS, and therefore, it’ll be another full week. However, I teach on re-entry, and it is probably my favourite thing I get to teach on. I am doing a bit of research and trying to get some fresh new thoughts to sprinkle in as well.

I thought Eleanor was about to wake up, and I was about to say, “CHILD pleeeeease can you figure out this nap thing? You’ve had 17 months!” But then I think she fell back asleep? Here’s hoping. I am lucky if I get more than an hour a day lately. All you parents who have 2-3 hour nappers – count yourself blessed!!!

That’s all for now. I am still working on a Gilmore Girls party recap, and I have some thoughts for this month’s blog posts as well. I am working hard to get this consistency business down because I really love to blog and I appreciate consistency in the blogs I read.

Have a great day!

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