Thoughts + Things #4

This past week was really full with Debrief Week for our July schools, so this is a couple days later than I had planned for it to be. However, better late than never is my motto right?

–> Debrief Week is always a fun but full week for me. This past week was no exception, and in fact, it was actually fuller than usual because we started a new thing for students interested in being a part of YWAM further. I did Debrief one-on-ones on Tuesday, re-entry teaching on Thursday and this new little seminar for future staff on Friday afternoon. It’s been a great week, though. One thing that was an extra special highlight was getting to watch and take some photos of an engagement happening in my backyard. One of our staff proposed to his girlfriend in our pergola on Wednesday night right after she was commissioned from her own DTS. There was a little team of people who got it set up so beautifully and several photographers hiding to get different angles. It was beautiful to watch it all unfold! Congrats Christian and Katrine.

–> Eleanor has been cracking me up today. For the first half of the day, she started saying “no” to everything. It wasn’t a yell or attitude sort of no, but it was a very matter-of-fact sort of no that was pretty cute actually. I think she’s just realised the word and was keen to say it because she was saying it to things that she was actually wanting to do. Then as I read her a book before her nap, I got to the last page and said “yay”. She quickly copied that word, and we’ve been having fun getting her to repeat that for a lot of the day as well. If you have snapchat, you can follow me and see a video of her doing that tonight. (Snapchat: ashnwillingham)


–> We went to a Christmas event at our local park tonight, and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun when you get to take your own kid. Eleanor played in a bouncy castle, and she mostly loved it. There were some pretty rowdy kids that she wasn’t too keen on, but for the most part, she was loving it. She played in it for about 40 minutes, and now, she is sound asleep, completely worn out.

–> I love all the events around the city this time of year. I want to go to so many, but I don’t want us to fall into the new year completely exhausted. I am trying to pick and choose which will be the best for us and gauge Eleanor’s energy levels when the events come up. We are taking the week after Christmas off, so I am excited for that nice break. I think we are going to try and go to the zoo in Sydney during that week, which should be lots of fun!

–> I finally figured out what to get Robbie for Christmas today and got it ordered. Once I figured it out, I was pretty stoked on it. I think I am officially all done with Christmas presents now – – oh wait, not quite yet. I have one more person (ahem, Dad…). Then I am done!

–> I am now going to wrap up this post and go catch up on This Is Us and maybe Designated Survivor. Have a great weekend!

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