Thoughts + Things Thursday #5

On Monday, I spent a few hours tucked away in Robbie’s office next door working on mostly blog-related items. One of the biggest things I focused on was an editorial calendar, and here’s hoping I can really pull through with all the ideas I have for the next month and a half.

One of my ideas is to make this particular post a bit more specific. I think the biggest ingredient my blog has been missing over the years has been consistency. I was the most consistent while I was pregnant doing weekly recaps, but I really want more variety to partner with that consistency. I have heaps of ideas this year, but one thing I will be continuing is the “Thoughts + Things” posts. Instead of them occurring randomly, though, I am turning them into “Thoughts + Things Thursday”. I’ve followed many blogs for years, and a few of my absolute favourites post consistently each week in a somewhat similar fashion. (“Things I’m Loving Fridays” from Peanut Butter Fingers and “Links + Loves” from The Small Things Blog are two of my favourites!)

Without further ado, here’s another Thoughts + Things post! I would love to hear your random thoughts and things each week, too. Feel free to comment below.

Robbie’s 10 Years & Citizenship Interview

On Tuesday, Robbie celebrated 10 years since he rocked up at YWAM Newcastle for his DTS. It’s crazy when you realise such a monumental milestone is about to come up. I remember feeling that way with 5 years, so I can’t imagine what 10 years would feel like. Maybe part of it is the breath of fresh air sense you get when you stick something out for longer than our millennial 1-2 year trend. I am super proud of him, though, and another thing that made the day that much more significant is that it was also the day he had his interview and test for Australian citizenship. He got 100% on the test, which he was glad for since I did as well. (Competitive couples? Anyone?) We will hopefully hear back about that soon and be able to book in for a citizenship ceremony. I never thought growing up that I would visit Australia, let alone have dual Australian/American citizenship!

Eleanor’s 18 Month Photo Shoot

I attempted a photo shoot on Tuesday with Eleanor to use for her 18-month recap, and it pretty much failed. She wasn’t interested at all, and we didn’t end up with many photos at all. I tried again yesterday, but this time, I told her she could look at all the photos with me after I was done. Game changer! I underestimate what she understands sometimes, and I think things like that really go a long way with her. She loves being a part of everything, and she really loves photos. All that to say, I think we got some good photos, and I’ll be putting up her 18-month recap sometime in the next few days. Here’s one in the meantime.

2017-01-11 Eleanor 18 Mo (8 of 41)

New Year, New Gym

Towards the end of last year, I reluctantly “quit the gym” because of some financial pressures we were facing. Robbie didn’t ask me to, and in fact, he’s been such a wonderful support and cheerleader all of last year with me going to the gym. It’s made a massive difference in how I feel each day, so I was sad to finish up my time there. I didn’t feel right about it, though, because of the cost. My friend Emily and I had talked about possibly switching gyms, and this past week, the gym we had talked about going to had a SUPER sale. No start up fee, and only $3.95/week, which for Australian prices is a STEAL! It’s significantly less than what I was paying…like significantly! I was still a little unsure until Robbie brought it up yesterday, and I am so grateful for how he’s been so encouraging about it. He knows how much that time means to me each week, and how much more energy I feel day-to-day. So here’s to a new year and a new gym! They still have Les Mills classes, too, which are my favourite!

“Interrupt Anxiety With Gratitude”

I read this blog today, and I loved the quote above. There’s a verse that embodies this quote to a T, and it’s so good to always be reminding ourselves of this principle. Gratitude goes such a long way, and I find when I can focus on that, everything changes. Read the article – it’s a good one. Also, read Philippians 4.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Philippians 4:6

Finishing Books

I plan to do an entire blog post on this, but I just thought I’d write it here anyway. I finished a book this week. Actually, more importantly, I finished a book from cover to cover in one week. You see, I have this terrible habit of not finishing books. Great at starting them, but the finishing part has been a struggle for the past year or so. One of my biggest goals for this year is to really exercise my learning muscles. Since having Eleanor, I find that I can’t focus nearly as well as I used to, and I also find that I am not actively pursuing learning in the same way I did while working full-time. You’ve probably heard plenty of stay-at-home mums talk about how wonderful it is to have “adult conversations” after spending a day playing 20-questions with a toddler. I feel that way, too. I am really learning a lot, even in this last week, so I feel like I am off to a good start. I am also planning to write out the specifics of my hopes for 2017 in the next week.

Happy Thursday!

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