Thoughts + Things Thursday #7

Eleanor’s Vocabulary

About a month ago, Eleanor started talking so much more. She is surprising us almost daily with words we didn’t realise she knew how to say or by repeating our words very clearly. It’s as if the vocabulary switch turned on, and it’s sort of blowing our minds. Yesterday Robbie woke up with her, and when they woke me up and I started to get up and walk out, she quickly ran to my nightstand shouting “gasses, gasses” (meaning “glasses”). She also pointed to the pantry while eating breakfast and said “cerul?” asking me if I were going to eat my cereal. She will try to say almost everyone’s name at this point, and many people she is familiar with, she remembers by name now. It’s such an exciting milestone. I cannot wait to have great chats with her in the future and really know what she’s thinking.

I Got A Desk

For awhile now I have been thinking about getting a desk. I kept talking myself out of it because I didn’t know where I would put it, but I realised that it was important enough to me to make it work. I chatted with Robbie about it, and he was so supportive. I basically wanted a dedicated place that I could write, edit photos and do anything work related for YWAM rather than sitting on the sofa. There’s such a different mindset for me when I am sitting at a desk. I also wanted a place to “set up” and be able to leave it there without feeling I needed to hide stuff or keep it out of reach of Eleanor. We went out and bought a desk for me on Monday, and I am LOVING it. It’s nothing fancy, and I still need to find a chair. (currently using a kitchen table chair) I am loving making it my own little space though!

Our Ship

Our YWAM centre began a ship ministry a couple years ago, and last year, we were so generously gifted with our ship, the Ruach. It’s been sailing from Amsterdam since last October, and it will finally arrive in Newcastle this Saturday. It’s so exciting, and I cannot wait to welcome her into our harbour. The ship will be equipped to take basic medical care to rural villages in Papua New Guinea. I went to PNG in 2010, so this nation has such a special place in my heart. There is already a ship ministry in PNG with the YWAM PNG ship that is stewarded out of YWAM Townsville. They’ve been doing ministry there for over 6 years now, and there are many incredible stories of all God has done. I’ll be sure to take more photos and post them soon. If you want to follow along, you can see all the info (and even volunteer for a short-term outreach) at this website.

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day! Robbie and I have both received our approval of citizenship, and two of our other friends actually had their citizenship ceremony today. It’s such an exciting milestone, and we are so grateful to live here and to be dual-citizens. We will probably not have our ceremony until later in the year, but we still love this land and feel such a part of it. So Happy Australia Day, my friends!

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