Three Months With Otis

Otis is about to turn five months old, and here I am writing his three month update. Life in transition. Life with two kids. It’s a different ball game this time around, but it’s good. So here I am trying to remember this particular month of Otis’s life because I don’t want to forget these moments with him. I’m struggling to remember all the little things from this month in particular. It was so busy, but alas, here’s what I can remember.

Highlights & Milestones

Otis’s third month of life was a big month for us as a family. It started as we were finishing our last couple weeks up in Australia. There was a lot of packing and visiting and “lasts” that were tough, but Otis was our MVP over this time. He was such a good baby through our transition, particularly through the traveling and jet lag.

During Otis’s third month of life, he became a dual Australian and American citizen officially, and we received both of his passports. I think I wrote about it in his two month update, but that one was late, too. Technically, we got them after he was into his third month.

Otis started to find his voice a bit this month, which is always fun. I love the look they get when they discover they can make sounds! He also got great head control – better than he already was doing in this area.


  • Being rocked and cuddled
  • Hanging out in the Moby wrap or Ergo
  • Chewing on his hands
  • High pitched noises
  • Eleanor
  • Being swaddled super tight
  • Eating allllll day long
  • Fans & lights


  • Riding in the car (what is it with my kids and the car?!?!)
  • Too much alone time/not being held a lot

How Am I Doing?

This month was such a crazy month for me and for our family. As we wrapped up our time in Australia, it was so incredibly bittersweet. After being in the US for a few months, I feel like I have such a different perspective on everything than I did when we were still in Australia, and I hope to write about it soon. All that to say, at this point in time, I was trying to soak in all the hangouts and the prayers and the celebrating the past decade. I so appreciated our community in the way they came around us and helped in practical ways but also supported us emotionally during that time. We felt so loved.

The last day in Australia was very hard. There were still quite a few logistics to work out, more packing to do and a whole lot of goodbyes that were heartbreaking. At one point, there were about 12 people in our house all saying goodbye at the same time; it was too much in a short period. That night, I felt quite a lot of anxiety because it’s probably the biggest change I’ve experienced. Big changes prior to that was just me, the single adult female moving across the world. Big change now is our whole family, including two precious little ones. It was a tough night, but we got up and heading to Sydney the next morning all in one piece.

Traveling with two kids and all of our stuff was a challenge, but honestly, there have been more challenging travel situations – like pregnant with a toddler. Once we got out of Newcastle, my emotions calmed down a bit, and we were able to focus on traveling. I got every random bag search, questioning, etc. as we went through check in, customs and such. It was quite annoying considering I had a baby in my arms, lots of bags and Robbie trying to keep up with Eleanor. We got there, though, and we all did fine.

The first week back in the States was the hardest. Otis was a champ, though. Eleanor was quite jet lagged, and in her overtired state cried to “go home” a couple times, which was heartbreaking. All in all, though, we made it through that month, and Otis got MVP. Seriously, he was such a good baby! I hope to write more on transition soon, but that’s a bit of the actual “move” part.

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