Time Management

Have you ever taught on something, and as you’re teaching, you realise that you have more to learn – that you’re almost learning something from yourself?

This past week I taught on ‘Time Management’ during our School Staff Training, and I challenged myself. I’ve taught on this topic before, and I think even in the context of work, I can do pretty well at this. My personal time management is so poorly lacking, though.

What I am recognising is that there are so many things that we constantly feel “tied” to, and we cannot escape them without feeling like we are missing something. It’s the same “I think I forgot to pack something for this trip” worry that the common day-to-day technologies evoke from us.

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. Emails. FoxNews. People.Com. The Newcastle Herald. Bank Accounts. Pinterest. Buzzfeed. Google. IMDB.

These things take up so much of my time. I would be so intrigued to pick this apart in a very detailed manner, logging the minutes in a day that go to each of these “time takers”. I fear the reality of that study would be insanely depressing, however.

The frustrating part is that I have desires that aren’t found in any of these areas. Desires for my time to be spent doing things that matter or bring life back to me. Not things that suck away my time and leave me with barely a thing to show for it.

No, I don’t think any of these things in and of themselves is wrong. Not at all. I am incredibly thankful for several of them just for the sheer fact that they keep me in touch with family that are thousands of miles away from me.

What concerns me, though, is that I have found myself as of late being so connected in this way that I am quite disconnected in other ways.

I want to change this. In my love for new seasons, I do feel inspired to not just acknowledge this but to plan for some changes in the New Year.

More to come…

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December 21, 2013|Revelations|1 Comment

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  1. […] 2) STS The Staff Training Seminar starts this week for the quarter, and I am excited to see 5 (6?) new staff get equipped and started in missions. My good friend Tina has started leading this area since the beginning of this year, and it makes my heart so full to see her do this to the fullest that it should be done. It’s going so well, and I can’t wait to see how these new staff get really engaged and equipped. I also get to teach on Friday afternoon about The Importance of Personal Well-Being – always something I’m learning more and more of even as I teach.  […]

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